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About Us

Who Are We?

I'm Bobby Blair, locally known as the Mayor of Mudville.

In 2008, Bill 
Tobin, Ann Talbot, Paul Saulnier and I decided we would like to create new hyperlocal online newspaper to be a daily. Without a true business plan, we set about doing the only thing we truly knew --- bringing you, our readers, local happenings.

On a shoestring budget and lots of work, our little publication somehow took off. Our pay wouldn't purchase a daily cup of coffee, and if you asked any of us why we continued, I'm sure the same answer would be echoed - the love of wrting and community service. With the untimely deaths of both Ann Talbot & Bill Tobin, the future of the Reporter was in doubt. With the recent announcement by our publisher Paul Saulnier that he was sliding into semi-retirement, this writer finds himself as the last man standing.

I couldn't do it alone, and I started looking for like minded citizen journalists. I have been ecstatic with the response to my public request for help. Stay tuned to the news pages as we announce new writers and contributors to

As we have been for many years, we are you...we are people who have lived in Holliston for a long (or short) time - who do (or do not work) in this town and who do care about the community. Some of us are experienced writers, some are good storytellers; in the end, we are just having fun and doing some good (we hope.)

The Future: We intend to provide our readers with unbiased reporting of town committee meetings, events and activities. We will sometimes offer opinions and solicit comments and opinions from our readers. We encourage writers on any and all subjects related to Holliston to contribute articles for publication. 

We hope to be a part of the community, to inform residents of the issues that affect the welfare of our children, seniors, farmers, families, religious organizations, and the quality of life in Holliston.

We are, individually: Bobby Blair, Paul Saulnier, Mary Greendale, Nancy Farrell, Matt Payton, Chris Cain, Doreen Martel, Paul Deschenes, Alex Wheaton, Patty Maley, Ken Robinson & Ellin Austin.