Holliston in Bloom Committee Gears up for Next Year

by Bobby Blair & Paul Saulnier
December 8, 2014

With three very successful campaigns behind them, HIB (Holliston in Bloom) members began planning for the 2015 beautification of and more awards for Holliston.

America in Bloom is a nation-wide competition between towns of similar size that helps residents to take pride in the appearance of their community by recognizing outstanding efforts in historic preservation, landscapes and environmental issues. Holliston in Bloom members met Wednesday night at the home of Kathy Shore.

In spite of the national aspect of the competition, Kathy Shore, co-chair of the committee, said, "We are only in competition with ourselves." She wants the committee to set a goal to find a keystone project to present to the judges this year. Potential projects include the eight arch bridge, the new walkway connecting the municipal parking lot to Central Street, the community gardens and Pleasure Point. Pinecrest Golf Course has always been a hit with the judges and dealing with the problem of invasive plants there is underway, thanks to efforts by Deb Moore and the Golf Advisory Committee.

Mark Ahronian, above left, the other co-chair, announced that Holliston will have the pleasure of working with Kathy Moss Warner, an AIB judge, next March to help the committee identify projects which the judges consider most important. This will really help Holliston compete in the 15,000 to 20,000 population category.

Erin Porter of the Holliston Garden Club has agreed to design a logo for HIB that will be placed on placards and signs identifying projects completed of underway. Justin Brown of the Agricultural Commission will build a website for HIB.

HIB's most recent Community Champion Mary Greendale, above right, will compile a list of judges recommendations from the 2012-14 evaluations for review.

This year for the first time sub committees will be formed to lighten the workload on members and insure timely and effective completion of projects. Anyone interested in becoming a part of this great event can contact Mark Ahronian at mark@ahronian.com of Kathy Shore at kathyshore8@gmail.com

If you are not familiar with last year's competition, check out HollistonReporter.com covering of the reception:


For those interested we include the 2014 Judges Evaluation of Holliston;



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