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Foreign Exchange Students in Holliston

by Victoria Clerkin
January 21, 2015

Holliston High School welcomed two students from China this past fall. These students who will graduate from Holliston High this spring have added invaluable diversity to the school population and have helped shape the school district's global education program. They have been hosted by local families.

Holliston High School opened its doors to two Chinese students this past fall. These students have helped to shape the school district’s global education program and have added an invaluable diversity to the student population.

 So, who are these students? What are they doing in Holliston and what do they plan to do after their year as Panthers?

Ali has fun with her host Mom, Maria.

Ali is a bubbly senior who hails from the city of Fuzhou in Southeastern China. She spent her junior year at a charter school in Michigan, before enrolling at HHS for her senior year. Ali’s English is very impressive, as she has studied the language since she was very young. In Holliston, Ali enjoys spending time with her host family, shopping, and has a taste for pizza from the Superette. Next year, Ali is deciding between returning to China for a year and applying to American colleges for the fall.


Lomo enjoyed a visit to San Franciso and a ride on the cable car.

 Lomo is the other senior student who comes from the city of Nantong, just north of Shanghai on China’s eastern shore. If you’re wondering how she decided upon the American name “Lomo”, it is actually an acronym for “Let Our [Lives Be] Magic [and] Open”. A high-honor student, if she’s not knee deep in college applications, you can find Lomo at chorus, Enigma, Best Buddies or the Environmental Club with fellow classmates; she is anxiously awaiting acceptances to some prestigious American colleges. Lomo also enjoys spending time with her host family, having joined them on a deep sea fishing trip in the fall and a combined trip and college tour in the San Francisco area in November.

Based on its positive experiences during the 2014-15 academic year, Holliston High School will look forward to inviting more international students for the 2015-16 academic year. The district is partnered with gphomestay, a sister company of The Cambridge Institute of International Education, to find and approve host families for international students. Together, the two sister companies facilitate meaningful, cross-cultural relationships in order to break down barriers and foster greater human understanding across the globe. Gphomestay offers host families an ample stipend to offset extra costs, referral bonuses for individuals and organizations that result in approved families, and ongoing support by a local Residential Coordinator. Host families are required to provide three meals a day, a private room, and a supportive home environment.

If you’re interested in joining the Holliston host family network, please contact Victoria Clerkin at vclerkin@gphomestay.com or Carol Kelley at kelleyc@holliston.k12.ma.us. You can also find more information at www.gphomestay.com.


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