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High School Courtyard Facelift Continues

by Paul Saulnier
July 29, 2016

They would love to have you join them this Saturday between 8AM and Noon.

After years of neglect, the center courtyard at the high school will soon be better than new.

According to Joanne O'Connell, she, Michelle Goldberg and others were attending the Spring 8th grade sports night and decided the courtyard was not a very inviting space. They asked Principal Nicole Bottomley for permission to renovate the courtyard, which of course was granted.

Then they asked parents and students of the Class 0f 2017 to help restore the area to its former glory.

Today's 4 hour effort will cleanup most of the overgrown vegetation, remove weeds and trim bushes and trees. More of the same next Saturday and the area should be ready for construction, including a central bed of hardy perennials and a bench donated by the Class of 2017. The courtyard will not be named after Timmy O'Connell who would have graduated with this class but the bench will have subtle artistic reference to Timmy.

Above, Joan Mulvaney attacks a corner of overgrown bushes.

Joanne O'Connell, above left, and Celeste Salley, right, take 10 years off this bush.

Members of the class of 2107 dig out a bush to make way for the new flower bed. John Mulvaney of TLC Painting, above in the white shirt, provided his truck for hauling materials to the recycling center.

Sano Obid, above, is a great asset to the group of volunteers, according to Joanne.

Cindy Canavan, above, is enjoying her time working in the courtyard with her son Luke, below.

Cam Waddell and Brian Salley fell a birch tree and haul it away.

The stone benches and walking surfaces will be pressure washed to remove years of staining. After next week's final cleaning session, reconstruction and beautification begin, according to Joanne, and will likely require another weekend or two to complete. She hopes that local organizations will offer support by way of donated materials and she said, volunteers are always welcome.


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Comments (4)

The plastic chairs still there? They were a Senior Auction addition from my friends and I back in 2011-2012. Love that courtyard!

- Andrew Mades | 7/31/16 6:48 AM

Woohoo!!! This is wonderful! Thanks to one and all. That is a beautiful area and should look better than it has. Please add me to any "helper" list.

- Mary Greendale | 7/24/16 10:19 AM

Awesome job by all the volunteers. Just begs the question: what do the Park & Rec or Highway Dept workers do? We know it's not trash clean up of the HS grounds.

- Ken Sawyers | 7/24/16 8:36 AM

How do I get on whatever email list this went out to? This is great but My daughter is the class of 2017 and we got no notification that this was happening. I think I'm not on a notification email for this and other things. Thanks.

- Alison | 7/24/16 5:39 AM



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