Another Day Clearing the High School Courtyard

by Paul Saulnier
August 1, 2016

August 3, 2016: Joanne O'Connell added a request. Click CONTINUE to read it.

These volunteers, including students, parents and members of the Garden Club completed clearing the high school courtyard of overgrown vegetation and invasives.

"We are asking all HHS students, particularly incoming Seniors, to help on our last day of the "cleanup phase" of the Courtyard Rehab and Beautification Project.  Students are invited to volunteer this Saturday, August 6, from about 8 am until we are finished, probably by 11 am.  We have done most of the courtyard cleanup in the last two weekends - you will be amazed at the improvement to the space! 

We would like to finish this Saturday so that we are ready to start the Beautification Phase on August 22.  The Beautification Phase will be another great opportunity to volunteer.  We will need many hands to plant and spread mulch and stones.  We are looking to complete the Project by Friday, August 26 - just in time for the beginning of school!  Please join us this Saturday rain or shine!  Adults/parents are also invited!

(More info will be sent out in the coming weeks with the schedule for August 22 - 26.)  If you have questions, please contact Joanne O'Connell at  Thank you!"

Despite another hot and humid day, the volunteers worked through the morning to finish the clearing started last weekend.

Ann Chipman hauled cuttings away to her truck.

John Mulvany, above, and Joan Mulvany, below, took on some of the harder jobs in the courtyard.

Above, prunning expert Kathy Walburton, removes over 20 years of neglect from this bush.

Flip Porter, covered in heavy clothing, took on the task of eradicating the poison ivy in both courtyards.

Above, Joanne O'Connell and Danielle Howland thin the bushes to let more light into the school.

Brian Chi, above, President of the Class of 2017, works on an overgrown bush.

Jesse Young, Class of 2017 (left) and Paul Howland clear the corner of the courtyard.

Tom Chipman donated his truck to haul away the brush.

In the afternoon, John Mulvany, above, brought in his power washers. He and Joanne and Kevin O'Connell began power washing the benches and concrete surfaces in the courtyards until late Saturday afternoon.

Powerwashing continued into Sunday.

What a difference that made.

Brian Salley and John Mulvaney have fun too!

Saturday volunteers l-r, Kevin O'Connell, Joanne O'Connell, Joan Mulvaney, Rob Young, Roger Moses, Kathy Warburton, Celeste Salley, Susan Naughton, Danielle Howland,  class of 2017 Max Moses, Jesse Young, and 2017 President Brian Chi,  Paul Howland in  front.

The Environmental Club with Dan Marsh Advisory Group plan to maintain the restored courtyard. Thanks and appreciation for support to this project from  W.F. Wood, D. Brooks Landscaping, Mulch and More and Ackerman Monument.

Above, one of several designs conceived for the new bench to be given by the Class of 2017.


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