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Rail Trail Committee Meeting

by Pam Kyrka
December 19, 2016

Impressive number of topics were covered in December Rail Trail committee meeting.

Your Rail Trail committee in action. Very impressive with 25 agenda items covered in 1 ½ hours!

I covered the Rail Trail meeting on December 9th and discovered the breadth and depth of their work. The chairperson, Robert Weidknect, along with Mark Kaplan, the meeting recorder, Herb Brockert, and Ken Henderson dealt with topics including signage on the trail, drainage ditches, several upcoming projects by Eagle Scouts, and the need for maintenance equipment.

There were 25 agenda items, several of which really stood out.  The Story Walk trail is one of them. This project involves laminated book pages put in a protective plexiglass case on posts installed along parts of the trail.  Eagle Scout Jamie Ogilvie made and installed the posts. Parents and children will read the story as they walk along the trail.

Other libraries are taking part in similar programs so they will be able to share books.

Several other items dealt with volunteerism. Companies such as Math Works have sponsored company outings to work on the trail. Other volunteers have cleared leaves from the drainage ditches near the Highland Street bridge.

Ken Henderson brought up the point that the committee does much of the work and donates equipment when needed as well. (weed whackers for instance). The committee felt that a budget would eliminate some of the need to rely on donated equipment.

Finally, completing the Holliston section from Church Street east is in the planning stages. Eagle Scout Harrison Smith will be working on it in the spring and Eamon Powers is working on the Brown Trout project in the brook area near the 8 arch bridge.

There are so many facets of keeping up and expanding the rail trail. I had no idea. Interested in learning more? Their next meeting is January 18, 2017.


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Storybook Walk* Not Story Walk. It's a trademarked name

- Aislinn | 12/19/16 1:24 PM



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