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Volunteer Summit Set for January

by Theresa Lamkin
December 26, 2016

Kathy Shore and I are excited to invite you to attend a new event we are kicking off for 2017:  The Holliston Volunteer Summit.   It will be held Thursday, January 19th at 7:00pm at the Holliston Senior Center. Mark your calendars now and then you don't have to think about it again until mid-January! 

Kathy and I have been involved in a wide range of volunteer committees and efforts for the past 20+ years. Holliston is unique in its incredible volunteer base and opportunity. It is amazing to watch what gets accomplished year after year. One of the questions we asked ourselves is how can we do our part to sustain these wonderful groups. Our answer is we can bring them all together. 

Our goals in having this hopefully annual volunteer summit are pretty simple: 

- Allow representatives from every group to meet each other. Nothing facilitates cooperation & success like having personal contact.
- Learn the goals, plans, and events for each group. 
- Learn the resources and contributions of each group.
- Bring any questions or issues to the table. When it comes to experience, familiarity, and resources, you will not find a greater treasure-trove than the people attending this event. 

Kathy & I have seen a lot of volunteer dynamics over the years. Right now I think we are all feeling a certain ebb in volunteerism. We all want that to turn around.  A meeting such as this can begin to help. 

This event will bring together representatives from a broad base of non-profits/volunteer groups. Again, it will be Thursday, January 19th at 7:00pm at the Holliston Senior Center on Goulding St.  Don't worry - we are not planning on this being a long draw-out event!  We all go to too many meetings as it is.  There will be refreshments!


Also, if you know of other groups or individuals who would benefit from this evening, please let us know their names & info.
Our thanks to Jean Boulette for letting us use the Senior Center for this meeting. 

Let us know if you can attend and if you have any specific ideas you would like to address.

Thanks & happy holidays,

Theresa Lampkin




8 Arch Bridge

Mary Greendale


American Legion

Steve Bradford

Celebrate Holliston

Heather Scaringella

Cub/boy Scouts

Mike Tyman

Food Truck

Carl Damigella

Friends of the Rail Trail

Ed Daniels

Garden Club

Melissa Beers, Kathy Warburton

Girl Scouts

Karie Morrison-Logan

Habitat for Humanity

Doug Schmit


Kristen Hafford


Bruce Gilfoy

Historical Society

Stewart Wohlrab & Bill Hodge

Paul Saulnier

Holliston Drug & Alc Awareness

Gina Stucci

Holliston Economic Dev

Peter Barbieri

Holliston Farm Advisory Committee

Bobby Blair

Holliston in Bloom

Kathy Shore

Holliston Reporter

Bill Tobin


Al Scaramella


Louise Kirkpatrick


Betty Harris


David Hill


Jessica Kerchner

Pantry Shelf

Steve Bradford

Police Association

Matt Waugh

Rail Trail

Robert Wiedknecht 


Kevin Conley

Senior Center

Linda Marshall

Jean Boulette

Timothy O’Connell

Joanne O'Connell





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Comments (2)

Is there any consideration to adding the sports organizations that also use volunteers to coach and run the teams? I know a lot of families put a significant amount of time into these organizations as well.

- Melissa Halstead | 12/28/16 5:44 PM

Great idea ladies! I'll help in any way I can.

- Elizabeth Greendale | 12/27/16 7:58 PM



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