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Last Night, First Night. Done Right

by Paul Saulnier
January 2, 2017

Who needs downtown Boston when you can enjoy what Holliston has to offer with time left over to party some more?

Catch some of the fun of the first night's celebration in the video above.

Above, Gate Keeper and statistician Mayor Blair at the entrance to Blair Square also was judge and jury for his "Get Lit" contest.

Above, Daniel Prieve manned the Friends of the Rail Trail booth at Blair Square. Dan gave credit for the success of the event to Erica Foster and Gretchen Prieve, along with Ed Daniels, who was keeping the fires burning at Phipps Hill.

Matt Zetteck, above, an active member of the Hopkinton Trails Club, heard above Holliston's event and brought his wife Cindy and son Matt to see for himself what the fuss was all about. Matt was very happy that he came.

Just past the Friends booth, Ged Gove was passing out marshmallows on a stick to anyone who wanted to make a crispy critter at the fire pit next door.

Once past the entrance to Blair Square, an aboding black hole awaits first nighters.

More fire pits lit the way and offered smoked refreshments.

 A decorated Arch Street Bridge marked the first milestone along the route to Phipps Hill.

Unless people were talking as they passed by, it was too dark to know who was out there with you (good and bad), even when they were lit up (with lights I mean).

Down by the Mill area, the pantry Shelf offered candy canes to everyone and accepted donations of food and green backs.

Fire pits helped light the way and occassionally helped identify first nighters.

A strong flash camera helped identify people as well.

Holliston's active Agricultural Commission offered coffee, hot cider and Bea Hait's home made cookies at this pavillion.

Cherry Fenton, above right, and Bea Hait, center, are better know for their work with Holliston in Bloom but were there to support PJ Kilkelly, below, of the AgCom.

Above, the Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition were present to get their message out.

Even local Fidos were into the "get lit" spirit carrying their own lights.

Upon arrival at Phipps Hill, you were greeted with a fire by Mr Rail trail, Robert Weidknecht, above,

and lots of generator-powered lights in the tunnel so you could actually see who was celebrating being on the green side of the grass with you for 2017.

Notables Mr. & Mrs. Conley represented town government.

Walkers approached Phipps Hill from Cross Street as well as Central and were greeted by

First Night organizer Ed Daniels, above, who thanked me for temporarily blinding him with the flash of my camera.

Boy Scout Troop 73 rewarded revelers with free hot dogs for the duration of the event.

By 8 PM, the trail was quiet. Happy New Year, Hollistonians.


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