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Pancake Breakfast

by Bill Tobin
February 8, 2017

Troop 14 is celebrating over 50 years in Holliston, and on Sunday February 5th served their traditional  great pancake breakast to help prepare all for the Super Bowl that evening.

Scouts Ben Cappello and Michael Lola welcomed all for breakfast at St Mary's, Father Haley Hall. The cost was a bargain $5.00, unless you were in a Boy Scout uniform, then you got a free breakfast.

Charlie Baker was responsible for cooking the pancakes.

He had assistance from scouts Harrison Smith and John Gorlier.

Members of Troop 14, and its Scout Masters were waiters. They visited each table, stated the menu of plain or chocolate chip pancakes, sausages, fruit juice and coffee-decaf or regular, and then served the requested breakfast. Of course, butter and maple syrup were available and on the table.

Requests from the diners were filled by the dedicated kitchen staff. It was all you could eat so there were lots of second helpings from the crowd too. Complaints? There were none.

Scouts had the opportunity to enjoy the breakfast too.

These three Cub Scouts celebrated at the pancake breakfast after receiving their special awards. Andrew McWilliams, Danny and Jack Baribeau were the recipients of the Light of Christ Religious Emblem which acknowledges that they had actively served in their troops and had fulfilled special assignments that the award required. The Emblem goals are:

- To help the Scout of his age group develop an awareness of God's love for each one of His people.  
- To help the Scout become aware and understand his identity as an important member of his family,   his community, and as a member of the Family of God.
- To aid the Scout in his awareness of the responsibilities that grow out of God's love for us.

This is a parish and family oriented program that involves the Cub Scout working with his parents.The Light of Christ award is the first of two religious emblems a Cub Scout can earn and is for the younger aged Scout which Jack Baribeau received. The second and higher award, the Parvuli Dei, is for Webelos, or 4th and 5th grade Scouts, which Andrew McWilliams and Danny Baribeau were granted.

These Cub Scouts are on the way to become Eagle Scouts some day.

Charlie Paradie has been the Scoutmaster of Troop 14 for 22 years promoting the scout mission of serving others by helping to instill values in young people. Anyone interested in joining this troop can contact Charlie at, or come to a troop meeting on Monday evening at Father Haley Hall.

After this delicious breakfast, many visited the Masonic Lodge to order a Hoagie to enjoy during the Super Bowl game.


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