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Recent Real Estate Sales

by Bobby Blair
February 17, 2017

                   YTD 2015            YTD 2016

Sin Fam             203                  210

Median            $449,900             $412,500

81 Monroe Dr ------------------------------------------ $449,995

B: Tobin Anderson & Carol Anderson

S: Pulte Homes of New Eng

76 Northway St ---------------------------------------- $360,000

B: Ryan Moynihan & Kelly Fantasia

S: Navillus REI LLC

Prior Sale:   $225,000   8/16

31 Pinecrest Rd ---------------------------------------- $441,000

B: Elizabeth Zerio & Anthony Zerio

S: John Regan & Karen Regan

95 Turner Rd ---------------------------------------------- $377,000

B: Marcio Andre & Laiane Andre

S: Anne Green

15 Woodland St ------------------------------------------ $340,000

B: Theresa Brown

S: Mark Dellicker

Prior Sale:  $278,000   6/16


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