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Residents View the Proposed Downtown Corridor Plan

by Paul Saulnier
February 17, 2017

The Planning Board in conjunction with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council has been working since Fall, 2016 on a Downtown Corridor Plan. On February 15, 2017, community input was sought on DRAFT zoning map and by-law changes in the Study Area (Woodland Street to Highland Street and south to the Upper Charles/Woodland Street).

Residents in the areas under consideration for rezoning received a letter from the Planning Board advising them of proposed changes and asking them to attend this informal "open house" to see the maps and talk to members of the Planning Board.

The room was crowded from the 6:30 PM start.

Above left, Karen Apuzzo Langton, newest elected member of the Planning Board, answered questions from residents who appeared to be encouraged by the proposals.

Planning Board member, Warren Chamberlain, above center, was also on hand to answer questions.

Six areas are proposed for rezoning. Areas 1, 2 and 3, shown above, are the subject of rezoning to Village Commercial.

Areas 4 and 5 are proposed to be rezoned as Village Residential (currently Agricultural-
Residential B (AR-2) or Residential 1. This is a proposed expansion of a similar action on Church Street several years ago which eliminated the need for Zoning Board approval for modifications to dwellings by bringing lots and uses into conformance with the regulations.

Area 5 includes the former Andrews School which has been of concern to neighbors since it was closed many, many years ago. It is currently for sale by the Selectmen and under the proposed zoning the lot would be eligible for up to 4 duplex units, according to Karen Sherman, Town Planner.

The Planning Board would like to rezone Area 6, above, to Residential (R-1) from Agricultural-
Residential B (AR-2). Besides reducing the minimum lot size from two acres to one acre, this change would require a Special Permit for two-family dwellings (currently not allowed at all) and for the establishment of a funeral home in the area.

For details of all the areas and proposed changes in use, go to the town's web site:


or call Karen Sherman, Town Planner @ 508.429.0635 ( sherman@holliston.k12.ma.us )


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Comments (1)

Just want to clarify that the redevelopment of the Andrews School property is not the impetus for proposed changes in Mudville area nor has the Planning Board been asked to play a roll in its disposition.

- KAren Sherman | 2/18/17 7:32 AM



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