St. Paddy's Political Roast

by The Staff
March 12, 2017

No one was safe from the jabs of the political pundits.

Take in a few of the highlights from the roast in the video above

The Lutheran Church on Central St. was the setting on Saturday morning this year for the Annual St. Paddy's Political Breakfast Roast to benefit (HIB) Holliston in Bloom.

Attendees were not disappointed by the huge Irish breakfast prepared by PJ Kilkelly, his wife Shelly and daughter Grace and a slew of HIB Volunteers.

Mayor Blair had several gifts for local selectmen, namely a black t-shirt sent by Brentwood residents with  double yellow lines emblazoned on the back of the shirt. The shirt was a reminder of the selectmen's decision to double yellow line Chamberlain Street late last year to the displeasure of Brentwood residents. Blair also had one of the many trash bags collected by highway workers on Washington Street near Balancing Rock. Blair lamented that the bags must have been used in a demonstration by Balancing Rock residents upset that selectmen have now required condo owners to pay for their trash removal. The unfolded trash bag simply was lettered "Not My Selectmen".

Erin Porter Dowling in her first appearance as a pundit gave her presentation on 10 examples on "How to be a successful HIB member. #6 read - when deciding who will do what task - just say PJ will do it.

HIB co-chair Kathy Shore accepted a check for $500 on behalf of Walk Holliston before telling those in the audience about this year's events surrounding America in Bloom's Symposium being held in Holliston and publically thanked the Kilkellys for chairing the roast.

HIB co-chair and political hopeful selectman candidate Mark Ahronian tried his hand at a joke involving pig farmers. Ahronian was cited for his lack of green wear at the Irish event and he promised to remember for next year's event.

Selectman Jay Marsden opened by asking who in their right mind would hold a St. Patrick's event at a Lutheran Church with no bar. Marsden's barbs and zingers flew far and wide to the delight of those present. A while later Marsden had the crowd clapping along with Rep. Dykema as they entertained with an Irish ballad.

Political old timer but new this year at the roast was Sen. Karen Spilka. Spilka's full limerick will be carried in a separate article.

Selectman Kevin Conley repeated his "who said this" shtick and President Trump was the favored answer.

Apparently residents enjoy seeing their local notables cut down to size.

In only her second appearance at the roast, Rep. Carolyn Dykema brought down the house with her original - "Ode to the Mayor of Mudville" set to the tune of "the Ballard of Jed Clampett" also know as the theme song from the Beverly Hillbillies. The full text of the original will be in a separate article. Dykema said that the Mayor sent her a report card after last years performance and she was looking to up her B+ grade this year.

Finance Committee Chairman Ken Szajda, while not a scheduled speaker, said that no one invited him to the dinner and he sat alone eating breakfast. Lamenting about how lonely it was at the top of handling the town's finances, Szajda threw a barb at this newspaper for not covering his committee's meetings and instead covering Conservation Committee meetings. Szajda is a funny man and could pass for the "unknown comic".  The has learned that a quick conference was called by HIB that will elevate Szajda next year from the kids table to the adult table.

The roast ended with a raffle drawing, by Pat Duffey and Linda Ahronian, above, of donated items, adding to the funds raised for HIB's continuing work on the Greening of Holliston.


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