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Ode to the Mayor of Mudville

by The Staff
March 13, 2017

Ode to the Mayor of Mudville

An original work by Carolyn Dykema
To the Tune of "the Ballard of Jed Clampett," also known as the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies.

See & hear Carolyn sing in the video above.

On Saturday March 11th both our representatives to the state house in Boston took part in the Annual St. Paddy's Breakfast & Political Roast at the Lutheran Church on Central Street.  Sen. Karen Spilka and Rep. Carolyn Dykema both used their talents to entertain the audience. Below we share Representative Dykema's creativity.

Come n' listen to a story 'bout a May'r named Blair,
A real townie guy in the Mudville area-er.
He's got an Irish wit that's indeed quite dry.
And thru to the core he's a Holliston guy.

The Mayor that is. Flip flops, flower pots.

Well the nex' thing ya' know ole' Bob's a journalist.
Sorta like the news, but with a local twist.
He got hot tips from the scanner all day,
But in the interview it's alwy's "WHAD' YA SAY?"

The Mayor that is. He's the man, the big white van!

Each & ev'ry year Bob's a champ'n of the vets.
Standing up there, on the town hall steps.
Marsden's at the mike and he goes for more than 10
Un-der Bob's breath you hear "Gah, he's long again!!"

The Mayor that is. Camera man, water'in' can.

He's got a cute pad in the he-art o' the 'hood,
Next to the spot where the famous Casey stood.
In cans out front are the dahlias delight.
Pick up a bunch and ge-et lucky tonite ..

The Mayor that is. Sort'in mail, tellin' tales.

He's a one of a kind, his type is pretty rare.
He's a local icon, even got his own square.
We heap on the praise 'cause it's certainly his dues.
But what he really needs is a re-al pair 'o shoes.

The Mayor that is. Locally grown. Holliston's own.
Come on back now, ya hear!


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Comments (3)

This is adorable and SO funny! Thanks for sharing. My family and I laughed a LOT. Bless you, Mayor Blair!

- Jody | 3/31/17 11:55 AM

A wonderful tribute to one remarkable man.We of the town, especially the Veterans, thank you for all that you do. I propose that the VFW and American Legion start a "GO FUND ME" drive to get you that pair of shoes....

- Snowy | 3/13/17 9:07 AM

Thank you Caroline for bravely standing up and reciting that quality and accurate ditty for Bobby Blair. He is truly one of our most interesting, involved, long standing Town of Holliston characters of quality. Bobby will definitely become a legend in Holliston if he isn't already.

- Karen Bell | 3/13/17 8:41 AM



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