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Leary Steps Down as Chairman of Board of Selectmen

by Bobby Blair
March 23, 2017

The private assessment firm hired by the town to interview police chief candidates has completed their work and selectmen will begin interviewing the four candidates next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Town Administrator Jeff Ritter told the board the town has been notified by DEP that Holliston is in line to receive two electric vehicles pending funding as  a green community. The next round in funding is in June and the town could have the vehicles by August. Ritter also said that the search for a Director for the Senior Center has been pared to two candidates and a final interview would be completed later this week. Nineteen hopefuls had applied for the position.

Town Clerk Liz Greendale brought the board up to snuff on the new Open Records Act which will become effective on July 1st. The "Act" mandates that requests be handled in a timely manner and penalties applied for not doing so. Selectman Jay Marsden jokingly asked Greendale if she knew if the "Act" applied to the legislature. With sixty requests currently being handled per day, selectmen asked Greendale "when can we ask that you'll be coming in for a budget adjustment.

Selectmen reviewed the town's expenditure for health insurance, disability, life and Medicare with Town Treasurer Mary Bousquet. Bousquet said that costs are rising anywhere from 8% to 15%.

Dan Brown was appointed to become the town's Labor Counsel, and Kolin Matthews was appointed as a firefighter.

Fire Chief Mike Cassidy requested a supplemental budget request to use finance tools as an incentive for the town's EMT's. Citing a staffing problem which has required the need for mutual aid from surrounding town's, Cassidy floated his options Wednesday night. Currently EMT's are paid $95 for four shifts of a twelve hour duration during a month and $20-22 per hour if they answer a call. Cassidy requested that EMT's be paid  a straight $80 per shift no matter how many calls are received during the 12 hour shift. EMT's not scheduled for a shift and called in would receive the hourly pay of at least one and a half hours pay for the call.. During the discussion the idea of a private ambulance service came into play. Cassidy will return with figures at next week's meeting.

Selectman Chairman, Jay Leary, citing work conflicts, opted to step down as Chairman. Kevin Conley who by tradition would hold the position after the May election was voted to serve as chair, Marsden as vice-chair and Leary as clerk.


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Comments (3)

Jason - The cost of insurance is being raised by insurers and not the Town of Holliston. I'm sure the same is happening to all the cities and towns across Massachusetts.

- Bobby Blair | 3/24/17 10:54 AM

I think it's great the town will be getting electric vehicles.

- Utah Nickel | 3/24/17 6:35 AM

So they want to raise insurance up that much but yet the employees in this town are now just going to work to pay for insurance. What's the point of getting a job in holliston if you get no pay check. instead of raising the insurance prices even more why not stop spending on ohh let's say the rail trail and all the other stuff the "new Wellesley" is trying to be

- Jason brennan | 3/23/17 8:15 PM



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