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Candidates To Be Interviewed for Police Chief

by Bill Tobin
March 25, 2017

Over thirty potential candidates who applied to be appointed Holliston  Police Chief to replace retiring Chief John Moore has been reduced to three finalists. It is now up to the Board of Selectmen to select one of the three as the new Holliston Police Chief.

Chief John Moore is retiring as the Chief of Police in Holliston after serving six years as chief and twenty two years in the department.

His retirement is effective April 4, 2017.  Chief Moore replaced Chief Tom Lambert who served  as chief.

Over thirty potential candidates expressed interest in becoming the chief to replace John Moore. An Assessment Service was hired to review the applicants and recommend about ten to be considered for this position and reviewed by a local board.  This Holliston review committee recommended four applicants to be interviewed by the Board of Selectmen who will make the final decision.

The finalists, now three, are Lt. David Gatchell, Sgt. Matthew Stone and Sgt. Matthew  Waugh. The finalists are currently members of the Holliston Police Department. The fourth finalist has voluntarily withdrawn his application.  He was an outside applicant.

Lt. David Gatchell

Sgt. Matthew Waugh

Sgt. Matthew Stone

The Selectmen will interview Lt. Gatchell and Sgt. Stone in room 105 Town Hall on Tuesday at 7:30pm and 8:30pm. Sgt. Waugh is scheduled to be interviewed on Wednesday at 8:00 in room 105 at 8:00pm.

The Selectmen will review the applicants and select the new Chief of Police for Holliston.


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Comments (4)

Art, I have been told that appropriate comments and questions are ok at the interviews

- bill tobin | 3/27/17 11:00 PM

The fourth candidate, not from Holliston withdrew applicaation. The interviews are open to the public.

- Billl Tobin | 3/26/17 8:39 AM

Bill: I thought an earlier report stated there were 4 final candidates. Am I in error, or did someone drop out? Thanks, Bill

- Bill Duffy | 3/26/17 8:09 AM

Is there any opportunity for public input/comment? It seems as though that would be important for this position.

- Art Winters | 3/26/17 6:35 AM



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