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Walk in the Woods

by Joanne Hulbert
April 17, 2017

The Town Forest is land that has never been occupied, never built upon and has spent most of its existence as wood lots and still shows signs of minor quarrying.

On Saturday, May 6, the Town Forest Committee invites all walkers, hikers, and especially residents who have not ever experienced the wonderful land preserved by the Town of Holliston for the appreciation of our natural resources. Many in Holliston and the surrounding towns have walked the trails that traverse the more than 200 acres of forest that hold such a surprising array of plants, animal habitat, and geological anomalies left behind by glacial activity. There will be something here for anyone interested in our natural world.

The Town Forest is land that has never been occupied, never built upon and has spent most of its existence as wood lots and still shows signs of minor quarrying. There is evidence of human activity but that part of its history is still mysterious. 

As we are all familiar with the balancing rock on Washington Street, there’s many more balanced boulders and glacial anomalies that are scattered throughout the forest. Also, learn how a forest is maintained and kept in good health, see what plants and trees are dominant here, and look at the attempts to quarry stone. We’ll also have some fun imagining who may have spent time here many centuries ago.

So join us on May 6, and we will begin the walk at 1 PM from the parking lot off Adams Street, drive up the hill, and find us at the lot by the trail head. Bring along appropriate footwear, bug spray, water if desired, and a camera – you may be fascinated by what you see.

We will trust that the weather gods will cooperate. If not,  we will meet on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm., and hope they’ll cooperate then!

For more information contact:

Joanne Hulbert

Town Forest Committee


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