Trash Pickup Delayed One Day All Week - Memorial Day
Really show your support to our veterans - show up in the rain on Monday
Monday 11 AM parade Woodland, Church, Central, Washington to Town Hall.
Monday- services at Lake Grove Cemetery 10 am & St Mary's Cemetery at 10:30 am

Recent Real Estate Sales

by Bobby Blair
April 21, 2017

                        YTD 2016             YTD 2017

Sin Fam                   20                       24

Median                 $361,000              $368,000

306 Chamberlain St ---------------------------------------$360,000

B: Mary Le

S: Michael McDaniel & Kelly McDaniel

51 Garett Way ---------------------------------------------- $439,000

B: Anilkimar Patro & Archana Menon

S: Recep Yilmazel

29 Hiawatha Trail ------------------------------------------- $975,530

B: Betty Li

S: Toll MA LP

6 Hilliside Dr -------------------------------------------------- $610,000

B: Matthew Finn & Meghan Finn

S: Donald Mason & Jennifer Mason

Prior Sale:  $580,000  6/10

100 Monroe Dr ----------------------------------------------- $502,760

B: William Patterson & Frances Patterson

S: Pulte Homes of New Eng

156 Prospect---------------------------------------------------$275,000

B: James Cram


Prior Sale:  $234,100  3/17

71 Whitney St ------------------------------------------------ $1,157,000

B: Menji LLC

S: Yellowfin Realty Holdings

Prior Sale:  $1,000,000   3/17

61 Dodd Dr ---------------------------------------------------- $379,000


S: Michael Beaulieu & HSBC Bank USA NA


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