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Mark Ahronian is Holliston's New Selectman

by Paul Saulnier
May 24, 2017

May 23, 2017. Confident in the outcome, Ahronian scheduled his victory party to start a half hour before the polls closed.

Mark almost promises a chicken in every pot during his victory speech in the video above.

Supporters, friends and volunteers met at Jasper Hill Cafe & Bistro to congratulate Mark and thank him for his service, past and future, to the town of Holliston. By 7:35PM, Blanks reportedly conceded the election to Ahronian who was leading by a factor of 7 to 1 in his favor.

Mark remained at the polls until the final count was in: 1484 out of 1668 votes cast.

Bill Dooling may look suprised at hearing the results of the election but this is his happy face.

The next two generations of Ahronians are poised to take their place in helping to run the great town of Holliston.

Irza Almonor related her adventures in politics to Chris Sahagian. She was assigned to keep tabs on New York Sanitation workers. Makes checking up on Holliston Selectmen look like child's play.

Ben Sparrell, third from the right, was elected to the Finance Committee on his first foray into Holliston Politics.

The proud parents of Jason Santos, who won a seat on the Planning Board, stopped by to congratulate Mark on his election.

Joan Shaughnessy, above right, was reelected to the School Committee along with Stacey Raffi.

Mike along with Charlie and Susan Russo stopped by to congratulate Mark.

The volunteers at the polls set up this tribute to Bill Tobin, who always volunteered during elections. Photo courtesy of Chris Sahagian.


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Comments (1)

Thank you all for such a nice post election party. It was great to celebrate with you all! Can't get over the beautiful display at voting in respect for our friend Bill Tobin. Who ever came up with the idea and who ever did the work to display it I'm sure Bill appreciated it .Another example of why people Love our town ! Mark Ahronian

- Mark Ahronian | 5/24/17 10:58 AM



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