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HIB's PHDs Finish the Congregational Beds

by Paul Saulnier
June 4, 2017

First assignment: plant all these varieties before the big truck arrives with the second load.

The plants are all in their proper places by 8:00AM.

Many volunteers continued the weeding that was starterd earlier in the week.

The truck arrived with the racks of one-gallon and smaller pots (photo courtesy of Cherry Fenton)

Then the hard work of digging the holes and inserting the right plant in the right hole.

When it was all done, it looked beautiful - naturally.

Two large planters compliment the area.

and one from HollistonReporter.com brightens the corner of Central and Washington.

At the end of the day, Kathy Shore, co-chair of the Holliston in Bloom committee, wrote to the volunteers: "A huge thank you to all of you who were able to come out and help today to mostly finish and plant the border. It was our good fortune that the plant delivery got delayed (we were 2nd stop vs first) so all of the beds were weeded!!! Deb's friend Kathy had made a huge dent in it earlier this week and then we were able to finish weeding before the plants arrived! Things always seem to work out for the best. We had a fantastic turnout from the garden club! Thanks Jill for making that happen! 

But the most heartfelt thank you goes to the downtown flower committee for all of their hard work this winter...meetings, designs, more meetings, blood, sweat and maybe a few tears... but so worth it! It is going to be the talk of the town!

Thanks again to Deb, Cherry, Jill, Bobby and Anne! You are HIB heroes!!

And also a special thanks to Ahronian Landscaping for donating the weed pellets....maybe this will make our maintenance easier! 

And also a special thank you to Tree Specialists for planting the 50 hydrangeas and soon mulching the beds.

And Moisturtek's Tim Smith for the irrigation system.

Holliston is a wonderful town and we are making it more beautiful every day!"

Now all we need is a little SUNSHINE!


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Comments (2)

The beds are Amazing! All those hydrangeas will be gorgeous when they bloom and add to the many other beautiful flowers planted this year and in previous years. Thank you to Tree Spealists for donating them! And, I'm sure Bobby thanks Tim Smith for the irrigation system!what a time saver that will be!! Congratulations to all! Your dedication and hard work will certainly impress the HIB judges and make the town center a "centerpiece!"

- Sheri O'Brien | 6/4/17 9:54 AM

Holliston In Bloom is a shining example of the power of volunteerism and collaboration of businesses, Town government, non profit groups, and residents ! This project is an example of this special ingredient Holliston has that will continue to make us shine. It's no wonder that Holliston is listed at the top being a Five bloom community , and the community host this year in October of the National America In Bloom Symposium !! Thank you to everyone involved. Mark Ahronian

- Mark Ahronian | 6/4/17 9:44 AM



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