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Scams Targeting Residents, Particularly Seniors

by Sgt. Glenn Dalrymple
June 19, 2017

A grandchild needs bail money or was in an accident. The IRS needs your SS number. Just answer "yes" to a question from a stranger and your bank account is drained.

HPD wants you to be informed and weary of strangers calling.

Phone scammers frequently change their tactics in efforts to cheat residents out of their money.  Phone calls to elders from supposed grandchildren who need bail money while incarcerated overseas has been a popular and successful scam.  A variation on this technique is that the grandchild had been in a car accident with a gang member who was intent on doing him or her harm if they didn't pay them damages. 

Recently, a woman was threatened with deportation if she didn't send funds.  MOST IMPORTANTLY!  if someone calls you, gets aggressive or threatening and tells you to send them funds by purchasing ITunes or any type of gift card and demands that you then read them the numbers over the phone -  it is a scam. 


Hang up and report suspicious calls to your local police. Or simply call the relative who is reportedly in trouble and verify their well being. Be sure to only call a number you already have for that relative or you will likely be talking with another criminal.  If they have any doubt as to the legitimacy of any demand for payment we urge them to call the police and run the story by us. . Unfortunately, if one falls victim of this type of scam, it is all but impossible to identify the perpetrator or to get their money back.  Con men, and women, are good at convincing people they are on the up and up.  It is also recommended to screen calls.  If solicited for payments HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON and seek counsel and check the facts.



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