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Recent Real Estate Sales

by Bobby Blair
June 23, 2017

                           YTD 2016                     YTD 2017

Sin Fam                      43                                52

Median                  $380,000                      $397,000

Real Estate Sales

43 Bogastowbrook Rd ------------------------------------------------ $552,000

B: Michael Kris & Deborah Kris

S: Marvin Kahn & Janis Kahn

170 Cedar St --------------------------------------------------------------$380,000

B: Damon Ferranti

S: Felicia Moschella

Prior Sale:  $330,000  7/03

53 Dalton Rd ---------------------------------------------------------------- $540,000

B: Jana Goldberg & Stephen Rowe

S: Allen Goldberg

35 Dean Rd -------------------------------------------------------------------- $300,000

B: Jamesw McShane & Pauline McShane

S: Daniel McShane

Prior Sale:  $219,000  6/12

1 Jackson Dr -------------------------------------------------------------------- $589,325

B: Robert Procopio & Kathleen Procopio

S: Pulte Homes of New Eng

8 Jackson Dr ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $503,175

B: Charles Blood & Kathryn Blood

S: Pulte Hones of New Eng

Kim Pl     Lot c2 ------------------------------------------------------------------  $185,000

B: O'Leary Builders

S: Christina Santos

112 Lakeshore Dr ------------------------------------------------------------------- $330,000

B: Marcos Terrenas

S: Adalton Sales

Prior Sale:  $167,500  2/16

11 Minuteman Cir ----------------------------------------------------------- $1059,879

B: Igor Davydenko & Ganna Davydenko

S: Toll MA Land LP

36 Mitchell Rd -------------------------------------------------------------- $630,000

B: Joseph Oneschuk & Ashley Nelson

S: Denise Gidopoulos

Prior Sale:  $610,000   5/07

68 Pearl St ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $372,0000

B: Peter Mulligan & Kimberly Mulligan

S: David Polydores

2365 Washington St ---------------------------------------------------------------- $270,000

B: Andrea Lareau

S: Stacy Brown

Prior Sale:  $238,500   11/07



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