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Public Hearing Held on Animal Nuisance on Lakeshore Drive

by Paul Saulnier
June 23, 2017

June 22, 2017. The Board of Health requested the owner to appear at an open meeting to address the complaints of animals living at 70 Lakeshore Drive.

Health Agent Scott Moles, above left, opened the meeting at 7:15 PM with members Julia Lane, center, and Kylie Williams present. Ann Adams, clerk, recorded the session. Several residents attended the meeting. Rebecca Brodie, resident of 70 Lakeshore Drive, was asked to attend to address the concerns of the Board of Health sent to her by certified letters on June 13, 2017 and again on June 15, 2017.  Brodie did not appear before the board by the time this reporter left the meeting at 8:45.PM.

Agent Moles had prepared a list of "bullet points" that he intended to discuss with Brodie. These included not keeping farm animals inside the dwelling, the proper handling of manure and animal wastes, regulations regarding proper keeping of chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, a lame duck, noise and noxious odors and consideration of monetary fines for continued noncompliance.

Brianna Gladu, above left, and Donna Walsh, are the Animal Control officers who responded to 70 Lakeshore Drive at the request of the Board of Health. Walsh reviewed her notes for the Board, starting with her first visit on May 26, 2017 and subsequent visits on June 7, 8, 9, 10, 16 and 19, 2017. Walsh noted the lack of proper fencing and animals loose in the neighborhood.

Sgt Matt Waugh of HPD was asked  if his department has a therapist that can work with Brodie to improve the situation. He said that any requests should be directed to Chief Matt Stone.

No decisions were made at press time.


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Comments (3)

Ms Brodie, I stopped by your home last Friday to get your side of the issue before the scheduled hearing. There was a car parked in front, I knocked on the door and then left my HR calling card. You didn't call so I assumed that I would get your side at the hearing. Thank you for responding in the comment below

- Paul Saulnier | 6/23/17 7:42 PM

Was the towns agricultural commission consulted in the matter?

- Justin briwn | 6/23/17 6:56 PM

As the subject of this article, I would have hoped that the Holliston Reporter would have contacted me for comment prior to publishing. First let me state that I was not present last night as I was never notified of the hearing. When I learned there was to be a hearing, I immediately contacted both Scott Moles and Dona Walsh. This whole "nuisance issue" started in the spring when our family decided to try to live more sustainably. I bought chickens and ducks for meat and eggs and a goat for milk. We have a pot belly pig as a pet. With the exception of the goat, we have had all of these animals before on this property and never had a problem. Unfortunately for me, someone from another town bought the house near mine for $150K and is trying to "flip it" for $400K This neighbor felt that my animals would lower the potential sale value of their property. As such, the neighbor called 5 or 6 organizations, multiple times each day, reporting me for animal cruelty and abuse. NONE of these claims was ever substantiated. NONE. In fact, I was praised for my care of the animals. Regardless, Mr. Moles ordered animal control to remove my baby goats from the property against even the advice of animal control. This was outside his authority and was also an unconstitutional seizure of property. I filed a claim and the town return my goat within 2 hours. Since then, Mr. Moles has been on a "witch hunt". With respect to the claim of loose animals, I have spent considerable funds enforcing the fencing. No animals have been loose in almost 2 weeks. I have also had a security consultant review the incidents. Given that the fence lock was tampered with and my animals poisoned (they are fine now), my consultant believes that an angry neighbor may be the cause of many of my animal escapes. I have since put in a video security system and have not had any issues since. With respect to any manure, all animal waste is disposed of off site. With respect to farm animals inside the house, I cannot be the only person with a pot belly pig as a pet. Pigs are very clean animals and are incredibly intelligent. They can be housebroken and taught tricks. If there is a law about pot belly pigs, I do not know of it. Additionally, I have multiple emails to Mr. Moles inquiring as to any laws / restrictions about animals in town. Mr. Moles has declined to respond to all inquiries. With respect to my lame duck: the animal was born with a leg deformity. I told this to multiple agencies when they visited. This included Ms. Walsh. Still, I was asked to bring the duck to a veterinarian at my own expense. The veterinarian confirmed the deformity and the doctor's record was made known to all. My fencing plan, manure plan, a plan to minimize noise and potential smell and all follow up information was sent to Mr. Moles prior to the meeting; Mr. Moles however, chose not to include any of that informatuon. In an email from Dona Walsh, she said that she tried to read the plans duri

- Rebecca W. Brodie, Esq | 6/23/17 10:48 AM



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