Board of Selectmen Meeting 6/26/2017

by Matt Ristaino
June 27, 2017

The Board of Selectmen held their weekly meeting on Monday, and a number of significant issues were discussed, including the medical marijuana facility on Everett Street, the double yellow lines on Chamberlain Street, and an update on the local water supply.

The Board passed a motion to sign a letter of non-opposition towards the proposed medical marijuana facility on Everett St. by a vote of two to one. Mark Ahronian and Jay Marsden voted in favor, and chairman Kevin Conley voted against it.

This does not mean that the facility will end up being approved, but it allows the process to move forward. Arguments were heard both for and against the facility, with parents and business owners opposing it, and a representative from the New England Cannabis Corporation explaining its merits. More details about the arguments and the facility can be found here (http://www.hollistonreporter.com/article/13168/medical-marijuana-facility-approved-to-go-forward.html).

There was also finally some resolution regarding the double yellow line on Chamberlain St. that has been a contested topic for the past year. Conley decided that the Board would simply allow the lines that are still left on the road to fade away, instead of repainting or removing them. Sean Reese, of the Department of Public Works, was in favor of the decision.

Reese also gave an update on the quality of drinking water in the town. He said that while samples from single testing sites did not exceed the contamination limits, when they were averaged out for the entire town, the amount of contaminants in the water was above the limit. This means that the DPW will have to send out another public alert about the quality of the water supply.

Reese said that the DPW is going to change the way that they treat the water in order to lower the amount of organic carbon coming out of the treatment plant.

“We’re heading in the right direction,” said Reese about the progress towards clean water.

Marsden said he has “nothing but confidence” in Reese and his team, and that he has no questions about the DPW’s ability to handle this situation.

The Board also interviewed the final two candidates for Town Council. Representatives of the firms of Blatman, Bobrowski & Havarty, LLC. and Louison, Costello, Condon & Pfaff, LLP. pitched their firm’s qualifications to the Board. Both firms have many local ties, and have worked in Holliston before. The Board was scheduled to appoint a Town Council at the end of the meeting, but they decided to defer that decision to their next meeting, which is on July 10th.

The Board also continued discussion about creating a Capital Improvement Planning Committee. Right now, they are considering a board of either five or seven members. Town Administrator Jeff Ritter is going to look at similar committees in other towns, and report back next meeting. 


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Comments (1)

May we have an explanation of the calculation that individual testing sites displayed contamination below requirements but that when "averaged" they did?

- Bob Malone | 6/27/17 5:24 PM



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