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Get That Hazardous Waste Outta Here

by Paul Saulnier
July 10, 2017

So anxious to get rid of her hazardous waste, Barbara Peatie of Holliston was first in line an hour and a half before opening. " I thought it started at 8 AM, not 9, but I have stuff to read to pass the time", said Barbara.

My contribution this year was about 20 pounds of lead paint off my circa 1849 house, motor oil, antifreeze, a few gallons of oil based paint that were too old to use and a recycling bin that had seen better days.

Fire Chief Michael Cassidy arrived at "7:01 and waved in the first driver at 7:31". Chief knew I would ask.

This driver said that she arrived at 7:50 and passed the time with a crossword puzzle. She said that she didn't want to be turned away because the town reached its quota before her turn.

Above, Scott and Dad John Varga review data they collected with Kristine, a Clean Harbors employee, which will form the basis for payment to Clean Harbors.

According to John Varga, Chair of the Recycling Committee, 285 vehicles passed through the line this year, up a little from last year. As for volumes and/or tonnage of hazardous waste collected, John said that it slightly exceeded the budget of $15,000, up $2,000 from last year. He and Kristine examine the contents of each vehicle and assign a vehicle load factor: 1-3 gallons or pounds equals a quarter load, 4-10 equals a half load and 11-25 is a full load. John said we are part of a five-town consortium that allows residents from other towns to bring waste to Holliston if they have a letter signed by the Selectmen of their town certifying that they attended a recycling event but were turned away because the limit was reached. Holliston residents can do the same.

John has been running this event "for almost 10 years". He has had no help (except for son Scott) for some time now as the Recycling Committee has consisted of just him. Anyone interested in helping John in this very green endeavor should contact the Town Administrator, Jeff Ritter, for more information. John is an Unsung Hero in Holliston.


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The yearly household hazardous waste collection could not take place without the sponsorship of Chief Cassidy, the volunteers of the Auxiliary Police, and the Town Hall staff, particularly Donna Muzzy who has been integral to overseeing the event for many years making sure all the pieces were in place to make it all happen.

- John Varga | 7/10/17 8:50 PM



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