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Butterfly Aviary Open 2017

by Christian Buday
July 18, 2017

It’s that time of year again when the butterflies make their debut in Holliston.  Over at the Butterfly Aviary behind the Pinecrest Golf Club you can experience the magic of butterflies. And it is free! Many families with children were in attendance as the Butterfly Aviary opened up for the season on Saturday, July 15th. The Butterfly Aviary was started three years ago with funding provided by donations, fundraisers and grants.  It has become a fun place for Holliston residents to experience butterflies flying freely in a sheltered habitat.

The Butterfly Aviary is filled with a variety of flowers picked out and arranged by Cherry Fenton. The vibrant, colorful flowers make the aviary feel alive while providing plenty of food for the butterflies. Currently, the aviary has Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies. P.J. Kilkelly, one of the caretakers of the Butterfly Aviary, says that in the next two weeks, there will also be Black Swallowtail and Mourning Cloak butterflies.

There will be caterpillars in these boxes and through the weeks, they will hatch into butterflies. So be on the look out.

The Butterfly Aviary strives to be an educational experience for children. Recently, several boxes were installed in the aviary. The boxes will provide a nesting place for caterpillars when they transition to a chrysalis and reappear as butterflies. The life cycle of the butterflies will be repeated often. P.J. Kilkelly stated that the typical life cycle for a Painted Lady Butterfly is about two weeks. So look forward to watching a caterpillar become a butterfly fairly soon.

A Monarch Butterfly is eating some nectar from this flower.

Be sure to check out the Butterfly Aviary before the summer is over and maybe ask about volunteering, which they are always on the lookout for.  The Butterfly Aviary is open every day. For more information or to make a donation, please visit

From left to right: Charlie Roberts with his son Edward, Jim Taralli, Gail Taralli, John Moore, Deborah Moore and P.J. Kilkelly


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Comments (1)

Hello: Would someone please let me know the aviary's hours of operation and address. Do visitors access the aviary by parking and entering through or behind the golf course? Also, what is the suggested donation or entry fee? Thanks very much. VC

- Vicky Charnock | 7/21/17 9:48 PM



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