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Police Log for Week of July 9 - 15, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
July 18, 2017

July 9, 2017:

Complaint, Church; light green motorcycle followed caller home. Now circling the neighborhood.

July 10,2017

Complaint, Richard; TSV Services driving through Ruth Ellen and Richard. Excavation Contractor involved in Title 5 services in the area.

Erratic driver with summons, Jar Brook; Zachary T. Abend of Ashland for unlicensed operation and operating with suspended license.

Property damage, Gorwin; caller thought that her car had been "keyed". Officer feels its more like normal wear.

Crash, Washington & South; car versus motorcycle ( )

July 11:

Repo Man on Windsor.

Crash, Washington & Hollis; car versus bicycle. Refused treatment (the cycler that is).

July 12:

Warrant service, Pond View; Phillip A. Lee of Holliston arrested on a warrant.

Animal incident, Water; report of dog in a parked car. Owner located and advised.

Animal incident, Hollis; lost dog brought to HPD. Owner located.

Animal incident, Highland; report of fox or coyote in the backyard. ACO notified.

Crash, Washington & Woodland; Waltham versus Milford. Draw.

Crash, Gorwin and Adams; driver states her vehicle went off the road (should have the autopilot checked right away). Hometown Auto to the rescue.

July 13:

Suspicious activity, School; report of loose dog in the street and one more in the house with door open. HPD went in and found teenager (looking at an IPhone, maybe?). Advised.

July 14:

Larceny, Highland; IPod left on the train; "pinging" on Fiske and Church. Caller sent a message to the IPod and then the location feature was turned off!

Animal incident, Shaw Farm; complaint of a fox seen.

Complaint, Maple; shirtless man with tattoo (in Holliston? What is happening to this town?). GOA

July 15:

Alarm, 461 Washington; store window smashed. Caused by landscaping company (weeding the window box with a sledge hammer?)

Animal incident, Central; Frank and Penny (two large white dogs) in the road. Caught by landscaper (busy guy). HPD contacted owner.

Animal incident, Franklin; large Shepard on the loose.

Crash, 55 Concord; Medfield driver impedes Holliston driver's progress.

Animal incident, Governor Prence; small dog on the loose.

Animal incident, Heritage; sick woodchuck dispatched by neighbor (don't cough in front of him).

During the reporting period, 14 citations and 6 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.



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