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Booze and Drugs Wrecking Lives

by Bobby Blair
July 27, 2017

Another day of living hell. You've just come to and you're dope sick. Long gone are the days when you led a normal life. Chasing that first high is all that matters now. Grabbing your cell phone to call your dealer you find out you missed your mother's birthday and you car is being repoe'd.
On Thursday morning the Holliston Police and the ambulance responded to a 50 something male at 7:25 am off of Central Street for a possible overdose of prescription medicine. The patient was transported to a local hospital.

You're still living in your parents' home and still without a job. Some of your friends have graduated college and next week one of your best friends is getting married. You don't have enough money to buy a present and still haven't returned your RSVP to the wedding. Video games and vodka take up much of your day.
Holliston police and the ambulance were called to a North Holliston residence Sunday night July 23rd at 9 pm for a report of a 20 something male with possible alcoholic poisoning. The patient refused medical help.

There is no longer any food in the fridge and the landlord is bugging you for last month's rent. You haven't paid your child support in months. You wear long sleeved shirts in 90 degree weather just to hide the track marks. You can't seem to remember when life was good or when the last time you took a shower was.
First responders were called Sunday night July 23rd at 9:20 pm to a residence near downtown Holliston for a report of a 30 something male who was unconscious due to alcohol. Upon arrival, officers ascertained that the patient had overdosed on heroin and began CPR. Advanced Life Saving paramedics boarded the Holliston ambulance and the patient was transported to Milford Regional Hospital. Shortly thereafter, the Medway ambulance responded to the same residence for a different 30 something male patient who had taken the same "material". That patient refused medical treatment. And on Tuesday July 25th, police and the ambulance responded to a report of an unresponsive male on the rail trail near Cross Street. The party apparently had a liquid lunch.

For some in our community, jail, institutions, or death seem to be a reality in their near future. There is help out there, use it before your dead.

Alcoholics Anonymous:      9 meetings each week in Holliston)

Narcotics Anonymous:

Holliston Youth and Family Services:

Genesis Counseling Services, Framingham:

Suicide & Crisis Hotline:

HDAAC (Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition) Parent Support Group, meeting the 3rd Tuesday every month Starting November 15th at Christ the King Lutheran Church 7:30 pm, 600 Central St.

God: As close as your knees are to the ground

For those who just need a friendly ear, you can call me at 508-429-6763.


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Comments (4)

Thank you Bobby. It's our sons, our daughters, our parents, our cousins, our neighbors, our friends, and maybe even ourselves that struggle with recovery everyday. Eyes open Holliston.

- Pam Zicko | 10/3/17 8:32 PM

Vince - I'm afraid a weekly post may not be possible. I only happened to catch some of these incidents on the scanner when I'm inside at home. As someone myself in recovery, the thought behind the piece was to help those who may have a problem identify and seek help not to out or shame anyone. With the loss of Bill Tobin earlier this Spring and the return of our interns to college in several weeks only myself and Paul Saulnier are available to cover the many stories about town. I can only look back now some twenty years ago and thank God for the people that were there to help me when I couldn't help myself. There is help out there.

- Bobby Blair | 7/28/17 7:25 AM

Bobby, Thanks again for pointing out the reality of the drug and drinking problem in our town, county, state, country. Too many of us want to believe that it "doesn't happen here". Suggestion - can you make this a regular part of the reporting here, like the police beat? Not trying to out people here... it wouldn't be right to point fingers, so keep it as anonymous as possible (like you try to do) while keeping it in the news.

- Vince Packard | 7/27/17 6:26 PM

Thanks Bobby, I hope people take this to heart. It is right here in Holliston and needs everyones understanding and help.

- Henry Dellicker | 7/27/17 10:37 AM



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