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Police Log for Week of July 30 - August 5, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
August 8, 2017

Holliston is first to record a driverless car accident.

July 30, 2017:

00:01 AM, Erratic driver, Washington; Jennifer reports a blue Jeep driving "sideways" down the road then pulled into 156 Washington. 156 Washington is not a valid address according to HPD (that's known as "drifting" and requires skill and sobriety).

1:00 AM, Crash, Fisher & South; Diana Osvalo of Holliston for OUI liquor and wreckless operation (if you wreck your car in a crash, shouldn't it be called wreckfull operation?).

02:30 AM, Suspicious activity, 8 Church; Megan reports seeing a 15 year old crossing the street looking confused. GOA (Megan should join a traveling carnival and guess people's ages. She could make a fortune).

July 31:

Animal incident, Courtland; missing cat "Scotch" orange color. Weighs 20 pounds.

August 1:

04:00 AM, Crash, 50 Winter; car versus pole. Unoccupied. Hometown Auto called.

Road hazard, 1292 Washington; Stephanie reports gas spill from old white pickup truck @ Phillips gas station. HPD could not locate spill (GOA?).

Complaint, Regal; dirt bikes on the rail trail.

Crash, 850 Highland; Ashland and Hopkinton drivers test Newtonian principles.

Community interaction, Goodwill Park; HPD holds National Night Out

Erratic driver, Summer; Wendy reports silver Prius driving erratically and thinks driver may be intoxicated (not in a Prius. Surely).

August 2:

Assist other agency, Flagg; call to assist Hwy Dept. GOA (like the Flagg school).

Animal incident, Lakeshore; loose chicken ("Emergency. Everyone to get from street". Name that movie).

Crash, 740 Washington; two Medway drivers meet in a minor way.

Crash, Washington & Highland; two Holliston drivers get introduced.

Smoke & fire, 2249 Washington; tree on fire (burning bush story taken to the next level)

Animal incident, 419 Washington; caller stated that a man is harming his dog (should have bought a pit bull).

Crash, 1390 Washington; Ashland and Milford drivers double check results of two Holliston drivers' Newtonian test). Hometown Auto called.

Crash, Washington; Ford crashed into a tow truck. Driver stated that "he had no brakes" and then drove away.

August 3:

HPD closed for inventory.

August 4:

Road hazard, Washington & Highland; report of oil in the road. Unfounded (Stephanie, was that you again?)

Animal incident, 146 Chamberlain; turkey stuck in a gate. ACO notified (what did she have for supper?)

Crash, Norfolk & Clark; car versus pole.

Traffic complaint; Patoma Park; State transfer call disconnected. State Police stated the caller was reporting a traffic complaint.

10:45 PM, suspicious activity, rail trail; party biking on the rail trail (Robert W. looking for dirt bikers?)

During the reporting period,  20 citations and 7 warnings were issued. Four erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (4)

Steve and Kevin are correct. Kevin really knows a lot about the movie. Steve gets a free one month subscription to Kevin gets two free months.

- Paul Saulnier | 8/9/17 5:52 AM

The movie is The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, the line is actually "Emergency, everybody to get from street", it was filmed in part in and around Westport, California on the northern coast above Mendocino (you can actually see the stairs that Carl Reiner had to descend tied up), and it was - and still is - hilarious with a feel good ending. What's my prize?

- Kevin Robert (Bob) Malone | 8/8/17 4:27 PM

The Russians Are Coming! ??

- Steve | 8/8/17 1:30 PM

Paul, You are at the top of your game this week. Thank you for a fun morning reading.

- jean morrissey | 8/8/17 8:44 AM



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