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Police Log for Week of August 6 - 12, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
August 16, 2017

One more animal incident report and HPD will have to add another patrolman to the roster.


August 6, 2017:

00:23, Animal incident, 536 Adams; car versus deer.

Animal incident, Hollis; possible coyote sighting (first of many this week).

Animal incident, Jeffrey; sickly coyote (take two aspirin and call me in the morning).

Complaint, Overlook; red car parked in neighbors' driveway. Occupants smoking weed and then driving off (if you see them again, tell them to come to my yard. There are plenty of weeds in my graden they can smoke).

August 7:

Warrant service, Taylor; Charles J. Duross of Holliston on a warrant.

Check prisoner.

Complaint, Winter; mailbox smashed by 5 to 6 hits with a heavy object.

August 8:

Animal incident, Norfolk; sick fox. GOA.

Crash, Washington and Highland; folks from Franklin and Fall River choose Holliston to meet.

Crash, 815 Washington; Hopedale car rear-ended by a Holliston car  - no visible damage (of course not).

Parking complaint, Concord & Ashland; town seeking damages from contractor parking vehicle in public space.

Crash, Pinecrest; two Holliston residents upset about their golf game.

Crash, 1090 Washington; Hopedale versus Mendon with personal injury. One vehicle towed.

Fraud, HPD; credit car fraud.

Animal incident, 142 Highland; coyote spotted in the back yard (second of many).

Vehicle stop with summons; 662 Washington; Bernardo A. Empereur of Natick for composing, sending or receiving an electronic message - and unlicensed operation. (texting and driving - Gotcha!)

Suspicious activity, Pleasant; possible B&E during the day.

Complaint, Prentice;caller states that line painting truck did not have "do not pass" sign and got paint on her vehicle as she passed. Advised to call Highway Department (Tom is grateful to the Dispatcher).

August 10:

Complaint, Lakeshore; walker reports strong odor from residence with two pigs and ducks in the yard (must be very sick ducks).

Animal incident, Norfolk; sick fox.

Crash, Goulding and High Rock; two more Hollistonians trading paint.

Crash, 414 Washington; residents of Wellesley and Framingham have a moment in Holliston. Hometown Auto called to share the moment.

Repo man on Ashland (Honey, where did you park the car?)

August 11:

Assist citizen, Norland; caller reports being stuck on a pipe and lost in a wooded area. Sherborn ATV located vehicle off Marilyn (he wasn't smoking the weeds from my garden).

Erratic driver, 1145 Washington; report of possible intoxicated driver all over the road. Stopped. Driver said that he was coming from church (remember this one in case you need it).

August 12:

Animal incident, 101 Central; beige and black dog running loose. GOA.

Animal incident, 235 Woodland; Great Dane running loose. GOA.

Noise complaint; Peter; caller stated that construction activity at 6:00 AM was loud and officers on scene were also loud.

Animal incident, Cottage & Norfolk Streets; report of rabid fox at both sites.

Animal incident, Lakeshore; report of loud rooster (now Peter street doesn't seem so bad).

Animal incident, 213 Central; report of skunk living on the property. Advised to call wildlife removal service.

Animal incident, Skyview; black dog with a red collar on the loose. ACO notified.

During the reporting period, 24 citations and 6 warnings were issued. Seven erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (1)

Another good day in my home. There has got to be something wrong with me, enjoying others misfortune.

- jean morrissey | 8/15/17 9:18 AM



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