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Round 2 of HIB's Floral Awards

by Bobby Blair
September 3, 2017

Off the beaten path for most of us, unless we have business or are employed in the Hopping Brook Park, is Griffin Electric. Stunning and inviting were the words to describe this floral display at 116 Hopping Brook Road. To the gardener at this site, you have Holliston in Bloom's admiration.

Another effort in the West End of town that caught our judges' attention were the floral displays by the Happy Retriever in the Village Plaza at 1564 Washington Street. While owners Michael and Dorothy Turcotte don't have much to work with in terms of an earthen plot, they do make good use of window boxes and pots. Plagued with careless littering at the plaza, the Turcottes go the extra mile making their end of the plaza attractive. Above, judge Jill Malcolm attaches an HIB ribbon to one of the Turcotte's window boxes.

Just across the road from Griffin Electric Co. in the Hopping Brook Park sits the New England Water Works building at 116 Hopping Brook Road. The Water Works' front yard landscaping reminds one of a Japanese garden. While we didn't stop in and ask questions, the garden is undoubtedly an example of dry gardening or water efficient landscaping. The granite table made us wish we had brought along our lunch. The Water Works' efforts go to prove that Industrial Parks need not be cold, hard, tar and bricks.


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Comments (2)

Absolutely beautiful and well deserved !!

- Mark Ahronian | 9/3/17 9:40 AM

Lovely spots in town! I love the idea of HIB recognizing the hard work these businesses put into their property! Wouldn't it be great if we could get our school landscaping to look this nice.

- Mel B | 9/3/17 8:40 AM



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