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Awards Night at the America in Bloom Symposium

by Paul Saulnier
October 8, 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017. The Holliston in Bloom Committee could relax for the first time in weeks and just sit back and watch the other cities and downs vie for awards in the many categories offered by AIB.

Safe to say that the HIB Committee put on a great show for the many representatives from cities and town from all over the country.

Above, Cherry Fenton, right, and Judy DeWitt await the start of the program as do PJ and Shelly Kilkelly, pictured below. PJ Kilkelly was this year's Holliston nominee for Community Champion.

Marvin Miller, past president of AIB, said during his presentation of an award, that Holliston put on a truly mystical symposium. "On Friday we visited Paul Revere's grave in Boston and on Saturday he came to Holliston to greet us"

After all the usual awards were given, a new award was announced and then presented by Mary Greendale.

The Certificate of Distinction was presented to The Mayor, Bobby Blair, for his years of service to the town, to veterans and to just about anyone who needs help.

He dismissed the standing ovation, and spoke about everything but his volunteer spirit, and put in the plug for HollistonReporter.com.

Blair's certificate read "For all you've done over the years and continue to do for the entire Holliston community, AIB recognizes and thanks you! You are a boundless raconteur and unassuming one-man force who gets things done. Of the unending trove of stories about the legendary Mayor of Mudville, AIB particularly notes the Downtown Marigold Project. Your individual determination to do something to beautify the downtown has turned into an entire town committed to community-wide improvement".

Blair said he was at least alive to receive the award as a near mishap earlier in the day on the way to the Sheraton Tara had him thinking about the headline for the almost accident. "It would make for good reading", Blair said, for HollistonReporter.com which he co-owns with Paul Saulnier. "Mayor Blair dies in front of his own dahlia farm on way to America in Bloom Symposium".

Lastly, the whole HIB team was called to the podium to receive another standing ovation.

Co-chair, Kathy Shore, thanked the committee, the AIB staff for their help in putting on the symposium in Holliston and everyone who came to visit this wonderful town we call home.

Watch for more on the symposium and the tour of Holliston in articles to come.


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Comments (2)

It was such a tribute to our town with all who attended nationally clapping for our Holliston team of volunteers !! Weather you helped out for an hour planting, or several hours you were part of our success as a town !! Many thanks to all the volunteers and municipal employees who helped !! Co Chairs of Holliston In Bloom, Kathy Shore & Mark Ahronian.

- Mark Ahronian | 10/9/17 8:25 AM

Just wanted to express a very gracious thank you to all who were involved in hosting the America in Bloom symposium this past week. I can say without a doubt this was one of the best. I thoroughly enjoyed our brief visit, and we were all made to feel as if we were members of your community. You definitely rocked it out of the park. Thank you again. Brent Barron, Co-chair Ottawa is Blooming Ottawa, IL

- Brent Barron | 10/8/17 6:25 PM



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