Signs a Subtle Reminder

by Bobby Blair
November 8, 2017

For the 15th year, American Legion Post #47 paid homage to those military men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. This year, in a departure from previous years, those who lost their lives in non-combat rolls were also honored.

Posters for 59 military service members killed since Memorial Day 2017 were hung on poles from Winter Street to Marked Tree Road on Sunday morning at 7 am. The posters will be taken down on Sunday November 12th. The posters are donated as they have been since 2003 by Roger Gandini a former Holiston resident and now of Brewster.

As fate would have it the last posters were stapled to poles in front of the Mt. Holliston Masonic Lodge and members invited the poster volunteers into the lodge for a free breakfast.


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Comments (6)

Thank you for all you do. I also read and reflect on the person's life and that real people have gone to step up and protect/defend and serve our country. I appreciate that you all do this for them and am proud when I start seeing the signs in my travel.

- kate foley | 11/10/17 9:30 AM

Honored to serve breakfast to those who are doing such great work.....Thank you!

- Jim Holmes | 11/9/17 12:49 PM

Once again, thank you for doing this.

- Mary Curran | 11/9/17 10:19 AM

Not a subtle reminder, they're right out there in your they should be. A visible reminder to all of us of the cost of war in individual human lives. Each death has a name associated with it. Thank you to the Legion and to the volunteers for remembering those brave soldiers in this way. It's one of the things that makes Holliston such a good place to live.

- Peter Simpson | 11/8/17 8:37 AM

Thank you gentlemen for your service, and for your company. What a great way to start off the monthly breakfast!

- Matt Bowie | 11/8/17 8:16 AM

I am so happy that the poster people are being recognized for there good work. My prayer is that this job of love will not have to post any more signs. As I see a sign I do think of that person. It does give us a chance to realize that their lives did matter and the lives of those who replace them matter as well. I long for peace in the world. Jean Morrissey

- jean morrissey | 11/8/17 8:11 AM



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