Congratulations to Kathy Shore - Holliston in Bloom's Community Champion

New Recycling Committee Appointed

by Bobby Blair
November 7, 2017

Under public comments Monday night selectmen heard from several Mudville residents relative to traffic concerns. Tina Hein, below, of 142 Union Street, Max Emery of 100 Exchange, and Leslie Kennally of 32 Spring Street all spoke of speeding cars in the neighborhood. Hein suggested signage in the form of speed signs and police enforcement. Kennally said our kids, cats and chickens are in the streets. Emery stated traffic is out of control in Mudville. Selectmen will meet with police to step up enforcement.

The board did away with the town's old Recycling Committee and established a newer model to be known as the Sustainable Waste Management and Recycling Committee. Appointed to that board were Mike Lavin, below right, and Chris Beling, 2nd from right, along with Utah Nickel, Jason Dionne and Michelle Ceresisa. Kathy Shore was appointed to the Blair Square Development Committee.

Selectmen voted to secure a Class II Auto Dealers License to Michael Orman Performance Marques LLC. The dealership will be located on Kuniholm Drive and will be located "under roof" to the delight of selectmen.

Selectmen rehashed several town meeting articles, mainly the securing of a full liquor license for the Wine House located at 76 Central Street. The license must be procured through the state house. Selectmen Jay Marsden summed up the board's intent by saying " we're getting someone we already know and the best qualified to use the license the right way".

Selectmen also revisited the controversary surrounding trash pick-up for condominium associations. While the recent town meeting approved an article to provide the service to apartment complexes, Selectmen pointed out that Republic Services (the town's trash haulers) came up with a figure of $143,000 to provide the additional services while only $14,000 is available in town funds. Selectman Jay Marsden said "I'm not for altering our course, it's not something we're obligated to do". Chairman Kevin Conley noted that the article wasn't binding as there were no costs applied. Selectman Mark Ahronian stated they should have presented costs to us. Regency Drive and Balancing Rock will lose their present trash pick-up services on January 1, 2018.


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Comments (5)

In response to Bill's comment, the Recycling and Sustainable Waste Management Committee will be looking at totes as an option for the town going forward.

- John Beling | 11/10/17 4:03 PM

I felt like our concerns were heard at town meeting and look forward to working with the town and police to address the shift in flow and speed of traffic off Washington/Central Street to Mudville streets with the changes. This is as much about quality of life of Mudville residents as it is about the quality of life of all town residents, who visit and enjoy Mudville for the trail, the lake, the walk-ability of the neighborhood and access to downtown.

- Tina Hein | 11/9/17 9:35 AM

Does not having or having trash pick up effect the taxes that the condos pay? I used to live in a condo and I never understood why I did not have trash pickup as I paid taxes like everyone else. On another note when is Holliston going to join the 21st century and go to the tote system? Sick of seeing paper all over the place on windy days. And I would rather push a wheeled tote out to the street rather than carry those green buckets that were given out when recycling first became a thing.

- Bill | 11/7/17 7:48 PM

Thank you, Bobby, for always posting the Selectmen meeting highlights here and thank you, Mark Schultz, for voicing your thoughts on the condominium trash pickup topic. I completely agree with everything you said. Clearly, this is a matter that many are concerned about and the majority of the registered voters that attended town meeting are in favor of providing town trash pickup at condominium complexes. The Selectmen should LISTEN to the registered voters and taxpayers of the town and MAKE AN EFFORT to come to a better solution than to IGNORE the majority vote. I am NOT pleased with the apparent minimal effort to provide a better solution to this situation. It seems that the Selectmen have always been and continue to be against this just for the sake of being against it. I agree with your sentiments completely, Mark Schultz.

- Angela Bray | 11/7/17 3:29 PM

At TM I spoke against approving this article as written and suggested postponement until an overall fair policy regarding all condo owners could be created. That went down. It was clear that the audience was packed with condo owners. The flawed article carried. Technically it is not binding, however it is very clear what the vote was about. I think BOS is not acting in good faith on this. A vote was taken, a measure passed yet the BOS chooses to ignore it. that is not the way it is supposed to work. The message was clear. This is what they want, they pushed this vote because they felt ignored before, don't do it again. Instead of not changing anything how about making some adjustments to make it work for everyone. The will have to come up the $130,000 to make it work. While I am no fan of this, cuts should be made to accommodate. The EVERYONE needs to be aware where the $$ comes from.

- Mark Schultz | 11/7/17 11:18 AM



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