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Post-Symposium Survey Results

by Press Release
November 12, 2017

Participants from around the country were asked to comment about the Holliston Experience on Saturday's guided tour of Holliston.

Please share your comments about the Holliston Experience on Saturday

1 Outstanding, well-organized

2 It was a very welcoming thoughtful and genuine day. The people of Holliston really outdid themselves.

3 blew me away how much they put into this--welcome parade, local re-enactors, HS choir, well timed coordinated group tours, well versed locals at each tour stop, great luncheon menu. Top notch!

4 Outstanding!

5 As a Hollistonian - FABulous!!

7 Wicked pissah! lol

8 Holliston was amazing. There was some confusion on the bus and we sat and waited quite awhile before leaving to head back to the hotel

9 As the presenter at "Casey at the Bat" - I had a blast

10 The trip was well-planned and thoroughly enjoyable. The HIB group carefully kept several items as big surprises, and delightful surprises they were. Who expected a marching band to lead us into the town. I believe the afternoon showcased the flavor that is Holliston.

11 That was a Class act!! The parade, the meal, the choir and all the special volunteers were amazing. The only thing that I would have like to have would have been 30-45 minutes on our own after the walking tour to let us go inside some of their shops and help their economy or enjoy their wonderful spaces. It felt a little too rushed.

12 Incredible. Absolutely one of the best events I've been to - well timed, completely felt welcomed by the city, loved the community involvement on so many levels. WISH THERE HAD BEEN CABLE NEWS THERE!!!

13 Fantastic! It was exciting to see so many parts of the community work together to to make our visit happen.

14 Fantastic! It was exciting to see so many parts of the community work together to to make our visit happen.

16 This was the highlight of all of my AIB experiences! Holliston pulled out all the stops to share its hospitality and sense of community. I especially loved the local foods, volunteer involvement and floral displays.

17 Fabulous!!! Kudos to Holliston in Bloom. Loved it. Thought Arroyo Grande would be hard to top but it surpassed the tour in CA. I felt as if I was a part of Holliston.

18 Best. Ever. It was a well-planned, thoughtful day and showcased a whole town coming together. Exactly what makes this a great organization.

19 The Holliston Experience was the best one of its kind of any of the four symposia I have attended. So warm, so welcoming, and informative. The high point of the symposium for me!

20 Over the top. Amazing. Made me feel like I was living the American dream. Democracy in action. A community pulling together with pride, humor, joy.

21 I've attended three symposiums and this was the best of all three when it came to visiting the host town. There was a feeling of genuineness and camaraderie that hasn't existed in the past. Holliston did an excellent job. Side note-- Holliston thoughtfully provided bathroom facilities at almost every stop. The snacks were fun and a nice touch to the walking tour.

22 Excellent- great food, lively, full of town spirit, excellent tour style with an interpreter at each location.

23 What a wonderful and fun tour of Holliston. Scenic and entertaining at each station. Well done!

24 Absolutely fantastic. Very impressive how many people pitched into to the program.

25 Over the top....Fantastic!!!!!!!

26 Very magical!!! From the marching band to Paul Revere and Thomas Dawes to the (unrelated to AIB) fact that three weddings were happening at the same intersection at the same time all were magical events. History met modernity that Saturday, and it was great! As a friend said, Holliston exemplified what could happen when a group of like-minded individuals get together to make their corner of America great. And no red hats were involved!

27 Welcoming was terrific. Tour itself was good. A little less walking would be better. Realize sites were spread out

28 Loved the Holliston day.

29 Wonderful including the band, chorus and lunch. Well organized. Interesting. Kept on time.

30 This was my favorite part of the whole event. True home grown talent and hospitality! Great food, entertainment, spirit, pride, nature, beauty.

31 I loved it. Holliston did a excellent job!

32 unbelievable, warm, feel like visiting close relatives in small town America.

33 So creative! Loved the band, Paul Revere, etc. Wish there had been an option for those of us that could not walk that far. I missed a lot of the tour.

34 top notch, have different stations meant we heard from the experts and weren't stuck with just one guide. Typically one person is not an expert on every topic.

35 Holliston opened up their home to us.

36 Since I participated from that aspect I enjoyed.

37 Excellent! What a welcome! I only wish we’d had enough time to roam through the shops.

38 WOW! Hollistan is the same size as our town. They really did a memorable job of making sure we enjoyed our visit.

39 Wonderful! Will never forget the youth marching band leading us to luncheon. Stops well set up....costumed docents great. Love it that the community was true to itself, proudly showing what makes it special every day.

40 Excellent. Never have I arrived at event being marched into the meeting place by a marching band. Revere and Dawes were a nice touch. Whole experience was positive.

41 I really enjoyed the Holliston experience overall. However, there should have been time allotted for us to shop in local businesses and give back to the community that welcomed us so nicely. It was too strictly time regimented.

42 very pleased

43 Lovely community. Would have liked to see their community garden near the golf course. Heartwarming, sweet community. Would enjoy an opportunity to shop in their town.

44 Very inspirational- Walking the tour was very difficult for our older members . Alternative transportation like a van or golf cart would be needed for some attendees.

45 I loved showing off our town

46 Excellent!



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Comments (2)

All those people coming into town and they had no time to shop in the downtown area. That is a huge mistake. Good event but everything in your power should have been done to get them into the shops.

- Bill | 11/14/17 2:31 PM

WOW- great job everyone (including the weather)!

- pat fuller | 11/12/17 1:20 PM



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