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Police Log for Week of November 12 - 18, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
November 21, 2017

Sign of the times: siblings now text insults to each other

November 12, 2017:

Two citations and one warning issued to out-of-towners.

November 13:

Three citations issued to out-of-towners

November 14:

Crash, 760 Washington; Woonsocket Kio didn't let an Uxbridge Escape escape.

Complaint, Skyview; harassing text messages from sibling.

Fraud, Winthrop; check fraud.

Crash with summons, Washington & Courtland; cars from Marlboro, Franklin and Attleborough tried to occupy the same space at the same time. Herbert D. Bourn of Marlboro for unlicensed operation and impeded operation (use of cell phone)

Animal incident, 16 Woodland; car kills deer. Venison lovers called.

Suspicious activity, Robert; caller found mouse traps set in the basement and no one living in the house set them. (Detective Maguire-Ryan to interrogate the cat)

November 15:

Another good day in Holliston.

November 16:

06:20AM, Smoke & fire, Washington & Summer; Trash truck fire (boy did that mess up traffic)

Crash, 85 Central; Milford driver takes out Holliston driver, if only in a minor way.

November 17:

Crash, 45 Washington; Hopedale driver offers his paint and paper to Holliston driver.

Animal incident, Norfolk & Central; report of dog walking in the road. Never mind - made it home.

Crash, 323 Woodland; Holliston car hit while minding its own business in the Middle school parking lot.

Vehicle stop; 79 Hollis; warning issued to Framingham driver for littering.

November 18:

02:30 AM, Crash with summonses, 1220 Washington; two cars - one rolled over. Darlan Meirles of Milford for unlicensed operation, negligent operation, marked lanes and passing violations.. Ana-Karoline Miranda of Framingham for unlicensed operation (finally - unlicensed drivers take each other off the road)

Crash, Washington & Concord; two Holliston residents compare reaction times.

During the reporting period, 11 citations and 9 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.




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Comments (5)

So happy for the safe squirrel The world needs safe squirrel. Jean M.

- jean morrissey | 11/24/17 4:50 PM

Good catch, Bob. I moved the Middle School back to Woodland Street where it belongs.

- Paul Saulnier | 11/22/17 8:38 AM

Paul, when did the Middle School move to Washington St. ??

- Bob N | 11/22/17 12:27 AM

Unsafe at any speed. Where is Ralph Nader?

- Warren Chamberlain | 11/21/17 5:06 PM

Was the name of the Framingham driver "Arlo... something"? After all it IS Thanksgiving time -- and he might be a serial litterbug!

- Ron D | 11/21/17 11:10 AM



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