Noam Chomsky: Requiem for an American Dream (2016)

by Dianna Vosburg
December 3, 2017

(Directed by Peter D. Hutchinson, Kelly Nyks, and Jared P. Scott)

Holliston Progressives, a new political group in Holliston, is pleased to present a film screening:

Thursday, December 14th, from 6-8 pm, Holliston Public Library, Gilman Room, 752 Washington, MA 01746

Free, donations welcome.

First come, first seated (to room capacity).

Please join us at 6:00 pm for light refreshments before the screening at 6:15 pm. We will take time afterward for a brief discussion.

In this artful, long-form interview with Noam Chomsky, Chomsky discusses wealth inequality. He describes how our political system was rigged to produce startling levels of concentrated wealth for a few while promoting austerity and crisis for the rest of us.

Chomsky is a Professor Emeritus at MIT, a renowned linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, social critic, writer, and political activist. Profoundly personal and thought-provoking, Chomsky helps us understand the death of the middle class and the threat to a functioning democracy through placing social and economic policy in historical context. Accessible, inspiring, and lucid, this film honors one of America’s greatest intellectuals as he calls on us to organize and agitate to reclaim our democracy.

Click here to view the movie trailer.

Holliston Progressives engages in progressive politics on a local, state, and national level.

“We seek to advance authentic progressive politics that puts democracy, people, and the planet first. We support democratic policies that affirm justice, equality, civil rights, participation, compassion, and sustainability in all areas of civic life: economic, social, and ecological. To that end, we share new ideas, policy initiatives, opportunities for activism, news articles, book reviews, and we promote local events. We are anti-corruption, supporting genuine grassroots activism and seeking high-quality information that is, as much as possible, empirical and free from influence by hidden financial interests.”

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Comments (1)

The name of the organization indicates that it exists to promote "liberal" views. Is this an independent and non-partisan organization?

- John Losch | 12/3/17 12:38 PM



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