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Fire Chief Presents Christmas Wish List

by Bobby Blair
December 12, 2017

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter announced he is within a half yard of closing on the Andrew School's new owner and hopes the process will be completed by January 1st. There is interest in replacing the three sets of doors at town hall with sixteen inquires to date. Bids will be opened later this month. Della Miles has resigned from the Housing Authority and the Selectmen and the Housing Authority will appoint a new member in a joint meeting. Interested parties should contact the selectmen's office.

Sen. Karen Spilka's office has requested a "projects list" from the town. High on the money list of the state will be funds for substance abuse and transportation.

Fire Chief Mike Cassidy presented his naughty list Monday night of fire equipment that has not been nice. The town's Rescue Truck is having steering problems to the tune of $3,436.58.  Engine #1 has sprung a leak in the seal of the truck's pump. That fix will cost the town $3,124.80. When an engine light would not turn off on the back up ambulance A2, the dealership found $2,771.50 in more needed repairs. Those repairs will be handled by the town's regular mechanic hopefully for far less money according to Cassidy. While the town has already voted to purchase a new Rescue Truck, it is not expected for another 12-18 months. After dilberating the merits of the repairs, the board voted to proceed with all three repairs.

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter said that new performance evaluations have been rolled out to four departments. Those departments will also be rating Ritter's performance. Ritter noted that he is having second thoughts with the Finance Committee's recommendations for at 1% guideline for wage increase for the ensuing 2018/19 fiscal year. Ritter feels that wage increases should be on parity with the town's unionized employees.

Karen Sherman was appointed as the contact point for the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. The entire Rail Trail Committee was given Special Municipal Employee status. With Christmas falling on a Monday, Selectmen will not meet that week, and will meet after  New Years Day, which is also on a Monday, on Wednesday January 3rd. The next meeting of the board is on Monday December 18th.


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Comments (3)

Hello Bill, Yes Holliston does have a great team of Fire Fighters and EMS personal.Bill please understand we are not volunteers,for we are a call department and it works.If you do your research across the country the fire service approximately 70% is made up of volunteer and call Fire Fighters not full time. A Holliston Fire Fighter/E.M.T.

- John Gagnon | 12/17/17 5:02 PM

His wish list should be a full time force. Our volunteers are awesome but we are the only all volunteer force in the area. Not really sure why.

- Bill | 12/14/17 1:46 PM

Thank you Jeff Ritter for trying to get parity of pay increases for employees at Town Hall to be consistent with unionized staffs at schools and other departments. Town employees without a union are a small group with NO clout. Consistent treatment has been tried in the past and defeated within the budget review process. I believe it is time to establish fairness - and if it means having the discussion on Town Meeting floor, so be it. I invite officials to have this discussion openly and broadly now.

- Mary Greendale | 12/12/17 10:36 AM



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