12 Freakin Rules for Success in 2018

by Bobby Blair
January 7, 2018

1. Do the freakin work. Don't be lazy.

2. Stop freakin waiting. It's time.

3 Rely on yourself. The universe doesn't freakin give a damn.

4. Be freakin practical. Success is not a theory.

5. Be productive early. Don't freakin screw around all day.

6. Don't be a freakin baby. Life's hard. Get on with it.

7. Don't hang out with freakin losers.

8. Don't freakin waste energy on stuff you can't control.

9. Stop bullshitting. It's freakin embarrassing.

10. Stop being a freakin people pleaser. It's sad.

11. Stop putting toxic crap in your body. It's freakin stupid.

12. Stop doing the same freakin thing and hoping for change.


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Excellent advice! Just need to light a firecracker under me to get on board.

- Nan karis | 1/8/18 12:10 PM



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