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Trash Pickup Delay Schedule

by Donna Muzzy
January 3, 2018

Due to the current storm (as well as New Years Day) Trash Pickup has been delayed...

Due to the impending storm (as well as New Years Day) Trash Pickup has been delayed two days. Wednesday's scheduled pickup will be on Friday. Thursday's scheduled pickup will be on Saturday, and there will be NO scheduled Friday pickup this week. Trash and Recycling pickup will resume on a normal schedule next week with one exception.Frioday pickup only will be allowed the equivalent of two barrels without needing to purchase additional stickers.

For questions or concerns please call Republic Services at 1-800- 551-5584.


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Comments (5)

All you have to do is convince the Selectmen to change the schedule. Let know how you make out.

- Paul Saulnier | 1/6/18 7:35 AM

Thanks Paul, What is your address??? I'll be there monday morning at 7am with trash and recycables neatly packed in green containers. What is the process to change the pick-up date?? cb

- cbresnahan | 1/5/18 10:23 PM

cb,I'd gladly exchange my Monday pickup day with you for Friday as many businesses downtown on Charles street put their trash at the curb Friday night and by Monday morning there is more trash in the street than in the containers - including recycling.

- paul saulnier | 1/4/18 7:18 PM

As a tax paying resident for >40years including trash pickup, for those of us who live on the western border of Holliston, it is HIGH time to ROTATE Friday's another day of the week. Another week of yes, frozen trash, RECYCLABLES, running out of storage room..etc..If it seems like I am complaining, please share your address and I will drop off my nicely packed containers of trash and recyclables. Thank you in advance, Claire B

- cbresnahan | 1/4/18 5:45 PM

If you tip your pick up guys you never need a sticker for extra trash.

- Bill | 1/3/18 7:03 PM



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