Winter Parking Ban in Effect - No Street Parking Between 1 AM to 5 AM

Police Log for Week of December 31 - January 6, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
January 9, 2018

New banks popped up all over town this week. Many cars stopped to check them out.

December 31, 2018

Animal incident, Adam; deceased coyote.

New Years Day:

Smoke & Fire, North Mill; report of building fire. Fire Dept. notified.

Vehicle stop with summons, 547 Washington; Norman Garcia of N. Attleboro for unlicensed operation, unregistered vehicle and number plate violation (Norman, consider going around Holliston in the future).

January 2:

Vehicle stop with summons, 1261 Washington; Christian R. Bosworth of Holliston for operating with suspended license.

Crash, Highland & Hollis; Westboro versus Holliston. No details (but we know the Westboro was 100% at fault)

January 3:

Animal incident, 1248 Washington; deer in the roadway creating a hazard. Dispatched.

Crash, 350 Hopping Brook; car mirror knocked off in the parking lot while parked.

Animal incident, 1158 Washington; car versus deer. Dispatched.

January 4:

01:35AM, Smoke & Fire, Morgans Way; flames in the lamp post. LED bulb.

Animal incident, 1605 Washington; car versus deer. Dispatched (3 down, 5 to go not including Rudolph)

Crash, Washington & Johnson; two Holliston cars.

January 5:

Road hazard, Highland; snow drift in the road.

Transport, Hollis; walking citizen. Given a ride by HPD to Dunks (was going there anyway).

Assist citizen, Winchester, citizen out in the snow. Lift assistance provided.

Crash, 1661 Washington; Grafton versus Holliston. Hometown Auto called for both cars in the snow bank.

Crash, 55 Hanlon; two Holliston cars. Hometown called to pull one out of a snow bank.

Crash, 34 Highland; Hopkinton versus Holliston in a head-on collision.One person taken to hospital. Hometown auto called for both cars.

Crash, 425 Washington. No details

Road hazard, School; car tent in the road. Removed.

Vehicle stop with summons, 1605 Washington; Sarah Ann Driscoll of Mendon for unsafe operation and operating with a suspended license (Sarah, follow Norman's router around town).

January 6:

Road hazards reported on Highland, Prentice, Adams, Lakeshore, Summer and Washington due to drifting snow.

Animal incident, Alpine; bat in the house. List of removal companies offered (or leave it until Summer. It will keep your house clear of mosquitoes)

Crash, 19 Partridge; Holliston car stopped at a new snow bank.

During the reporting period, 11 citations and 3 warnings were issued. One erratic driver was reported.




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Comments (1)

You know we need to encourage out of towners without licenses or registrations to come to town just for the revenue we could be a rich town. Don't send them away from us. Could we offer free coffee as a bonus for a $100 + ticket? Jean M

- Jean Morrissey | 1/10/18 10:21 PM



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