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Holliston in Bloom Planting Seeds for 2018

by Bobby Blair
January 31, 2018

HIB (Holliston in Bloom) members met Thursday night at the Historical Society to elect officers and discuss plans for 2018. Kathy Shore and Cherry Fenton were voted to co-chair the group, while Linda Ahronian will handle the committee's finances and Mary Greendale will serve as secretary.

The group which began in 2012 will turn 7 years old this year but has already racked up an impressive resume including three best in their population category. Those three wins placed Holliston in America in Bloom's "Circle of Champions", a distinction held by only twenty other communities across the country. To hold the Circle of Champion honor, Holliston must compete at least one time during the next three years.

Last Fall HIB's lofty goals included the hosting of the National America in Bloom Symposium in early October which garnered rave reviews on a survey from attendees from across the country. While some HIB members secretly wondered if HIB would continue after the Symposium, enough interested members are ready to give the program and annual judging another go. This year's goals will be sustainability of projects already planted as well as setting HIB's sights on one of the six outstanding achievement awards given by America in Bloom that the town has never won.

On the radar for HIB will be the partnering with the Downtown Marigold Project to allow home owners whose houses were built previous to 1930 an opportunity to purchase a "circa" sign. Circa signs denote the year houses were built. In Holliston over 655 houses were built prior to the Great Depression. With the town's 300th Anniversary only 6 years away, the circa project will be split into several years with local historical districts and downtown neighborhoods receiving priority. Homeowners will be contacted via mail this spring. Circa signs will cost around $40.

HIB will again partner on March 17th, this time with the local Friends of the Community Farm to host a St. Patrick's Political Breakfast at 10 am at the Lutheran Church. Tickets $15 each will be available at the Town Clerk's Office. Last years event was a sold out affair when Rep. Carolyn Dykema brought the house down with her singing and guitar prowess when she featured a "Ode to the Mayor of Mudville" to the theme song of the Beverly Hill Billies. That clip can be viewed here:

Holliston in Bloom is always looking for new members and their website can be viewed here -  there are no membership dues and members can can take part in as much or as little of the group's activities as they feel comfortable with. The group's Facebook page can be seen here:


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