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Police Log for Week of January 21 - 27, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
January 30, 2018

Village Plaza: Holliston's Conflict Resolution Center.

January 21, 2018:

(photo courtesy of Holliston fire Department)

Smoke & Fire, 775 Concord; multiple reports of barn on fire. HFD notified State Fire Marshall, Building Inspector, Wiring Inspector and Board of Health.

Complaint, School; someone is throwing nails on a driveway.

Building check, Woodland; report of someone living in abandoned houses (can we add these to our affordable housing count?)

January 22:

Animal incident, 977 Highland; report of dog struck. ACO notified. Believed to be a coyote. GOA.

January 23:

Animal incident, Gorwin & Marshall; car versus deer. GOA (good news for Santa)

Crash, Hanlon; car versus tree. Hometown Auto called for the car (anyone call Tree Services?).

Disturbance, Village Plaza, car pulled over, occupants got out, engaged in a physical altercation, got back in and drove off. (always best to air your differences rather than let them fester into something serious like a fight).

January 24:

Road hazard, Highland & Garett; very large pot hole creating business for tire sales.

Complaint, Woodland; workers using heavy equipment before 7AM and leaving diesel equipment running when not in use. Advised.

Vehicle stop with summons, Concord & Taylor; Jorge Chauca of Framingham for unlicensed operation and "all other offenses"

Vehicle stop with summons, 1719 Washington; Kulumba Ali of Burlington for marked lanes violation and operating with a suspended license.

Vehicle stop with summons, 649 Washington; Deivison Caetano of Framingham for using an electronic device while driving, no inspection sticker and operating with a suspended license.

January 25:

Animal incident, 193 Woodland; dead dear in the road (bad news for Santa).

Crash, Concord and Ashland; two Holliston drivers. One taken to hospital. Hometown Auto called.

Citations issued, Norfolk; two Holliston residents for racing.

Complaint, Mission Springs; the old "your grandson needs bail money" scam.

Crash, Dunks; report of past hit and run in the parking lot.

January 26:

Crash, Woodland and Norland; two Holliston drivers exchange paint. One car ended up on a stone wall. Hometown Auto to the rescue.

Animal incident, Central & Norfolk; motorist found a small dog and brought it to HPD for interrogation. ACO notified.

Animal incident, Marshall & Hanlon; car versus deer. Hwy notified (you know what that means).

Erratic driver with arrest, 1292 Washington; Lisa Whiting of Holliston for marked lanes violation, reckless operation, OUI liquor an open container of alcohol.

January 27:

Animal incident, Prentice & Bonney; car versus deer. Deer pickup notified (same meaning).

During the reporting period, 17 citations and 5 warnings were issued. Three erratic drivers were reported.


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