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Police Log for Week of February 4 - 10, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
February 13, 2018's Ambulance chaser was very busy last week. At this rate Mike at Hometown Auto can retire early.'s Ambulance chaser was very busy last week. At this rate Mike at Hometown Auto can retire early.

February 4, 2018:

Vehicle stop with summons, 830 Washington; Luis C. Lima of Framingham for speeding and unlicensed operation (SOP)

Crash, 519 Concord; two Holliston residents with injuries. Ambulance and Hometown Auto called.

February 5:

Crash, Washington & Charles; two more Holliston residents interact.

Crash, 416 Washington; car versus utility box (those green things that provide acess to underground utilities so you don't have utility poles to hit).

Crash, 1661 Washington (Post Office) ; Medway vs Holliston (Medway resident goes postal).

B&E of vehicle, Winchester; backpack taken overnight.

B&E of vehicle, Fiske; items taken overnight (want to get rid of junk? Leave it in your unlocked car overnight).

February 6:

Crash, 286 Washington; truck took out a utility pole which then fell on the truck trapping the driver inside until power turned off (utility pole revenge).

February 7:

Crash, Winter and Little; two Gails from Holliston mess up two cars and one street sign. Hometown Auto called

Crash, 519 Concord; Woonsocket vs Holliston. Hometown Auto called.

Complaint, Cabot; neighbor pushing snow in front of caller's home. HPD issued a cease & desist.

Crash, 1419 Washington; Milford versus Holliston. Hometown Auto called.

Crash, 355 Adams; one Holliston car involved. Hometown Auto called.

Suspicious vehicle, Dean & Brookview; report of Camaro parked for some time and caller concerned as resident is away. HPD determined that car belongs to girlfriend of area resident (when the cats away...)

February 8:

Animal incident, 2234 Washington; truck versus deer. Truck damaged. Deer ran off (probably uninsured deer from Framingham).

Property damage, Hopping Brook; utility pole died and fell over all on its on.

Vehicle stop with summons, Washington & Concord; Elto T. Mendee of Framingham for failure to stop/yield and operating with a revoked license.

February 9:

Smoke/fire, Willowgate; resident reports strong smell of gas (the other kind of natural gas) and took the family to neighbor's house until HFD can check it out.

Crash, Route 16 at Sherborn line; two cars. Sherborn PD also responded.

Crash, Gorwin & Karen; another Holliston driver hit by wandering tree.

Animal incident, Hillside; caller reports seeing a bobcat at 1PM (women and children to get from street).

February 10:

Hometown Auto gets the day off.


This town has unique traffic lights:



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Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of their birthplace.

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- Paul Saulnier | 2/14/18 9:18 PM

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