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Medway Resident Weighs in on Marijuana Plant

by Bobby Blair
February 14, 2018

Medway resident Cornell Katuna, below, an abutter to a planned marijuana plant at 460 Hopping Brook Road questioned selectmen Monday night as to why Medway residents had not received notice of the growing facility. Katuna, accompanied by several other Medway residents, told the board his property would be a mere 100' from the plant. I'm concerned about odors emanating, fungus and the effect on all our wells. Katuna also noted that special conditions levied upon Brighton Associates by Holliston's Planning Board, mainly #'s 3,4, and 5 were blank from copies Katuna had received. Selectmen referred the matter to the Planning Board.

Proposed 2018/19 budgets were once again on the agenda with Linda Marshall, below, coming within guidelines for the Senior Center budget. Fire Chief Michael Cassidy also came with suggested guidelines with his fire, ambulance and emergency notification budgets.

Jay Robinson of the 8 Arch Bridge Committee updated the board as to the progress on the reconstruction of the 171 year old viaduct. Robinson reported that the project is all green lights with progress and budgets. Robinson asked for and received an additional $18,000 for a change order which was already budgeted.

DPW Chief Sean Reese presented the highway and water budgets which came within guidelines. Reese brought the board up to speed on upcoming projects and Reese said the snow and ice budget is 52% depleted and requested permission should the need arise to go into deficit spending. Reese said it is an exciting time at the DPW and when it comes to the Central Street well, we're taking our time but rushing and a fix for area residents is still two to three years off.

Micheal Lavin left and Utah Nickel of the Recycling Committee brought Selectmen up to date with their committee's work. With a year and a half left on the town's current trash hauler, their committee is currently investigating grant opportunities.


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Comments (3)

Typical Medway response?! I'm not sure why you would comment about Medway. If he is an abutter, regardless of what town he is in he should be notified, and has legitimate concerns. Both towns should be concerned.

- Heather | 2/15/18 12:32 AM

Isn't Medway getting their own grow facility?

- Bill | 2/14/18 4:08 PM

Such a typical Medway response. I have it on good authority that most Medway residents get high. Now they go all NIMBY on us.

- Constance Nemecek | 2/14/18 11:31 AM



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