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Here We Go Again

by Bobby Blair
March 7, 2018

Updating .................


9:30 pm  -- Vehicle(s) accident location unknown

938 pm - Report of tree in the road near Granite and Fiske Street

9:46 pm - Report of a tree on the wires near 27 Pearl Street

9:58 pm, Report from a Union Street resident that someone is walking on his roof  --- you can't make this stuff up!

10:02  pm Report of a tree in the road near 216 Prentice Street making road impassable

10:04 pm Report of disabled motor vehicle near 1028 Washington Street

10:06 pm Report of a tree on the water tower at Oak Stret

10:09 pm Report of wires arcing at 358 Underwood Street

10:15 pm Arcing wires on Meadowbrook Lane

10:16 pm Arcing wires on Travis Road

10:16 pm Prentice Street now impassable

10:30 Report of tree blocking road at Colonial Way and Concord Street

10:31 Report of two car MVA with airbag deployment on Highland Street, exact location unknown

10:32 pm - Ambulance called for MVA between Washington and Highland Street

10:41 pm - Report of a car vs pole at 815 Central Street

10:46 pm Report of wires down at 55 Morton Street

10:49 pm Report of limb down on power lines at 767 Highland Street

10:50 pm Prentice Street now passable

11:15 pm Report of no power, and tree blocking roadway at 95 Gregory Road

11:25 pm Report of wires down and burning at 222 Oak Street

11:58 pm Wires arcing at 21 Stagecoach Road

12:22 am Report of Transformer arcing or burning at 44 Pearl St.

4:45 am Large limb reported down on Cedar Street

4:57 am Wires down and arching reported by Chief Cassidy at 77 Ashland St.

5:01 am CO detector investigation, 17 Garrett, also no power

5;06 am Engine #3 responding to small fire in the woods near Ashland and Maple Street

5:11 am Spring just 12 days away on March 20th

5:16 am Police responding to Winter Street for a report of a tree taking down wires

5:20 am Several flashes of light, and the power goes down in Mudville

5:45 am Power back on in Mudville

5:54 am Chief Cassidy responding to 65 Johnson Dr.. for CO investigation

6:01 am Report that traffic signals at Rossini Corner & Highland Street and Washington not functioning

6:06 am CO investigation at 326 Prentice Street

6:10 am Police respond to HHS for library alarm

6:19 am  - Police respond to area of 300 Concord for wires pulled down by trees

6:34 am Police report Goulding Street closed due to tree down with wires on top

6:57 am Police report Winter Street closed at #99 due to tree and wires in road

6:58 am Police respond to 130 Locust Street for tree and wires in road

7:00 am Police responding to 227 Marshall Street for a report of tree dwon with wires

7:04 am  Police respond to 67 Lakeshore Dr. for the report of a tree on the house

7:10 am Report of wires and tree down at 429 Norfolk Street

7:16 am Police respond to disabled motorist near Gretchen Lane

7:17 am EverSource reporting 70% of town without power

7:26 am Tree down across Maple Street

7:31 am Wires off house on Goulding, Highway requested to place barrels

7:29 am Low hnaging wires at 22 Fairview

7:32 am Wires down on Mellen Street

7:37 am Police respond to 194 Turner Rd. for primary wire in roadway

7:38 am Large limb on wires on South Street

7:39 am Think Easter Bunny, Daffodils and a humid day in July

7:40 am Police respond to Beatrice Ln. for primary wire in roadway

7:41 am Police respond to Mitchell Rd for residential alarm

7:45 am Ambulance responding to Concord St for medical emergency

7:46 am Large limb on primary on School Street, reported by motorist

7:51 am Report of downed tree near 609 Gorwin Dr.

7:59 am Police report tree has fallen on primary wires on Union St.

8:04 am Report of wires down on Bayberry and Robert Rd.

8:10 am Chief Cassidy investigating odor on Sweetgrass Ln.

8:11 am Police respond to 118 Willowgate Rise for a report of a tree on a house

8:16 am Report of tree in the road, 1500 block of Highland St.

8:20 am Report of downed wires near Concord and Ashland Streets with fire in the roadway

8:24 am Report of wires in the roadway at 32 Elm St.

8:26 am Report of tree dwon on Baker St.

8:34 am Report of a utility pole down on Union St. photo below.

8:36 am Report of a tree down at Concord and Colonial

9:07 am Reports of wires in the road on Travis and Taylor Roads

9:10 am Robin Hill Road, tree across the roadway

9:12 am Small tree in the intersection of Prospect and Marked Tree Road

9:19 am Half the road on Prentice near Out Post Farm blocked

9:20 am Tree down on Central at Granite completley blocking roadway

9:21 am Woodland at the 8 Arch Bridge down to one lane

9:22 am Wires and Tree down at 80 Burnap Rd.

9:29 am Report of wires down on North Mill Street.

9:36 am Wires down on Paul Road

9:50 am Low hanging wires at 266 Winter St

10:02 am Tree completely across the road at 202 Underwood Street.

10:05 am Railroad at Central St., tree across the road

10:20 am Electrical fire near Ashland and Cedar Street in the woods

10:23 am Tree down at 1989 Washington Street

10:37 am Alarm at TD Bank 746 Washington St.

2:29 pm Holliston ambulance to Hopkinton for a working fire

2:29 pm Fire dept. to Railroad and Church for smoking wires

2:29 pm Ambulance call for Gorwin drive for a resident who fell

8:35 pm Transformer blown, Hollis Street being shut down

9:04 pm Alarm activation at 746 Washington St. All secure at TD Bank





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Comments (6)

Please check your judgement at the door, Jean

- Stan Coffin | 3/9/18 9:26 AM

I can't help but wonder if m.v.a.'s were cars going to or coming from THE PACKIE. I did notice that it didn't continue all night. There was enough to do.

- jean morrissey | 3/8/18 1:50 PM

Excellent updates.

- Ted brown | 3/8/18 12:22 PM

Love the extra little positive comments thrown in!

- Alison C. | 3/8/18 11:54 AM

Thank you for the updates!

- Lucinda | 3/8/18 9:22 AM

Thank you for the updates, Bobby. Some of us have jobs that require we must show up for and having a live time update gives us the safest way in. Wish I could take a snow day.

- Cindy | 3/8/18 8:52 AM



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