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Trash Pickup Problems Bring Republic Reps to the Table

by Bobby Blair
March 20, 2018

Girl Scouts from Troop 75436 made a surprise visit to the selectmen's room on Monday night to thank the board for their services to the town. The girls brought homemade thank you cards and, what else but girl scout cookies.

Laurie Zivkovch, below, a Municipal Specialist with the Metropolitian Area Planning Council, approached the board for permission to conduct an online survey. The survey would ask residents their thoughts on participation at town meetings. The survey is geared towards under-represented groups. The board agreed with Zivkovch's wishes and the survey will be available on the town's website.

Aislinn Weaver of 69 Woodland Street returned for a second week in a row with a trash complaint. Weaver last week told the board that her recycling hadn't been picked up in the past three weeks. "This week the entire street was missed".

Representatives from Republic Services were on hand to hear Weaver's situation. Adam Grier and Dan Higgins noted that Republic has recently had a change in local management. Grier told selectmen that residents can phone their call center at 1-800-551-5584 for trash complaints. Town Administrator said his office fields several calls a day about trash problems. Chairman Kevin Conley said that Republic should have an email system for customer complaints instead of being left on hold for as much as a half hour. Selectmen Jay Marsden told Grier and Dan Higgins "I don't want you to look into the problem, I just want Weaver's trash picked up".


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Comments (6)

Once again today I came home to find our recycling not picked up. Same container, same location. Two weeks ago they skipped out entire road, but I saw them 500 feet at our crossroad, sitting in their trucks (2) stationary. This is not that difficult a job I don't think. Called 800 number for Republic, spent 15 minutes trying to convince the rep that we don't live in Spencer. Can't make this stuff up.

- John | 3/23/18 4:34 PM

Since Republic is undergoing a change in management, what better time to demonstrate a sign of good faith and change the WESTERN SIDE of Holliston from friday pick-up [ for more than 25 years] to say, monday or tuesday....for the naysayers, what day is the TOWN HALL PICK-UP??? Sounds trivial, however, try keeping trash contained longer than nine days...ingenious raccoons that open and dump trash for the wild turkeys and coyotes...and yes we follow THE RULES FOR storage as well as clean recycables, check my water bills. Seriously, be fair , The WESTERN side of HOLLISTON are taxpayers and would like equal consideration. Claire B

- Claire Bresnahan | 3/22/18 5:41 PM

The service is sloppy - I always have some trash left in the barrel or on the street and it's the same with the recycling - good service isn't too much to ask

- Lee DeSorgher | 3/20/18 1:35 PM

I can only say good things about our trash and recycling services. In 15 years, trash was not collected once on my regular day. I called and was told that a truck broke down and just to leave it out for the next day and it was collected. The drivers are always nice and courteous. When I walk around my neighborhood, I do see that many people do not put out their trash and recycling correctly. Food waste and plastic bags are mixed in with recycling and trash is loose in the barrel. As residents we also need to do our part to help with the collection of our waste

- Heather DeLuca | 3/20/18 11:20 AM

While I understand with snowstorms the trash/recycle pick up days have been thrown a bit off schedule, they actually have not effected mine as our pick up is Monday. My trash has always been picked up, it's the recycling that's being skipped unfortunately

- Aislinn | 3/20/18 8:55 AM

Re: trash pickup. After three snow storms, each of which pretty much brought the town to a dead stop, I can understand that trash pickup might miss a few streets (perhaps the downed trees and wires were a factor?). Sounds like Ms. Weaver just got particularly unlucky. I think our street got missed last week, but we just put it out again the next week and all is well.

- Peter Simpson | 3/20/18 7:25 AM



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