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Police Log for Week of March 25 - 31 2018

by Paul Saulnier
April 3, 2018

Tough week for four-footed residents of Holliston and high crime on Marshall.

March 25, 2018:

Vehicle stop with summons, 55 Concord; Carlos Eduardo Manfre of Framingham for speeding and unlicensed operation (always a smart combination)

Animal incident, Willow Gate; ACO advised resident of leash law in response to several neighbor's complaints.

March 26:

Animal incident, Highland & Raleigh; dead cat in the road.

Animal incident, 87 Arch; dead deer in the road.

Animal incident, Washington & Woodland; brown labradoodle hit by a car and ran into the woods. Later taken to vet due to injuries.

Vehicle stop with arrest; 420 Concord; Christopher Reynolds of Framingham for speeding, reckless operation and OUI - liquor,

Repo Man snagged a Corolla on Tracy Lynn.

March 27:

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, 116 Norfolk; report of coyote in the area acting in usual manner (possible typo in the log book, although what are the chances that someone on Norfolk is an expert on coyote behavior?).

Animal incident, 878 Highland; dog sitter called to admit that the small yorkshire got away.

Vehicle check, Central & Maple; checked OK (driver out trying to catch a dog running in traffic).

Crash, 1147 Washington; Medway versus Tisbury. Minor.

Animal incident, 11 Mohawk; dead deer on the side of the road.

March 28:

Animal incident, 1545 Washington; dead deer in the road.

Vehicle stop with summons; 492 Washington; Adilson S. DePaula of Framingham for lights violation and unlicensed operation (another smart combination)

Crash, Washington & Prospect; Smyrna, Tennessee versus Milford. Minor.

Animal incident, Woodland; dead something in the road (must have been pretty flat).

Animal incident, Mohawk; another call about the dead deer in the road. Still dead.

Assist citizen, Hollis; 911 call complaining that a taxi has not yet arrived. Advised on the proper use of 911.

March 29:

Crash, Woodland; two Holliston drivers experiment with elemental physics,

Animal incident, Union; dog entered caller's yard and attacked the chickens.

Crash, Norfolk & Franklin; Franklin car in need of Hometown Auto's services.

10:47 PM, Suspicious activity, 715 Marshall; caller reports three cars pulled into neighbor's driveway. People then ran across the street and "did somthing to the neighbor's house". HPD discovered toilet paper up in trees.

March 30:

The case of the flying toilet paper rolls remains unsolved.

March 31:

Crash, Green; resident reports that a trash truck damaged her parked car.

Crash, 1292 Wahington, Franklin versus Uxbridge. Minor.

Erratic driver wirh arrest, Washington & Highland; Hugo Deleon-Castellano of Milford for marked lanes violation, OUI-Liquor (2nd offense), possession of open container of alcohol and operating with a licensed suspended for OUI.

Repo Man hooked a Mitsubishi Lancer on Highland.

Check prisoner.

During the reporting period, 23 citations and 15 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.




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Comments (2)

Have you ever noticed a pattern in the reports? This week we had animal reports with some car stops. Some weeks out of towers come to meet and go somewhere in ambulances. before storms hit a large number of fender benders. then when the storm comes there are more down trees and electrical problems. Do you plan this?

It is so nice to have nothing better to do then comment on Police logs.

- jean morrissey | 4/4/18 12:58 PM

"... report of coyote in the area acting in usual manner"

Leaning against a rock and perusing the ACME catalog?

(sorry, too many Saturday mornings in front of the TV)

- Peter Simpson | 4/3/18 7:21 AM



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