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Contests and Water Treatment Plant on Town Election Ballot

by Mary Greendale
April 6, 2018

There are just two contests for Town election this May 22, 2018 and there will be a Debt Exclusion question on the election ballot this year as well.

There are just two contests for Town election this May 22, 2018 – School Committee and Parks & Recreation. And NO ONE is running for the open seat on the Board of Health.

There are three openings on the School Committee and four candidates, i.e. Anne Louise Handstad, Christopher Herbert, Lisa Kocian, and Andrew Morton. All are incumbents except for Mr. Herbert. Stephen Bigelow, Paul Healy and H. Shaw Lively are all competing for two seats on the Board of Parks and Recreation. Paul Healy is already on the Board and running for reelection.

The Board of Health has one opening and no candidate. If a write-in candidate does not fill the seat, then someone will be appointed to the position by a vote of the Boards of Selectmen and Health. Any registered voter in Holliston can run as a write-in candidate. Anyone who is interested should contact the Town Clerk at Town Hall, 508-429-0601.

There will be a Debt Exclusion question on the election ballot this year as well. The question asks voters to allow the Town to borrow $8.375 million to build a new water treatment facility for Well# 5 on Central Street to improve water quality for rate payers. The debt increases our taxes beyond the limits of Prop 2 ½ just until the debt is paid in full. Then the payments go away. This action will not increase local taxes permanently.

The Town Election is May 22nd from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the High School Field House.

Town Meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. on May 7th and run on successive nights as needed. Town Meeting takes place in the High School auditorium, and we need 100 registered voters for a quorum to do the Town’s business.

The Debt Exclusion will be explained at Town Meeting and Town Meeting will be asked to approve spending the $8.375 million assuming the question is approved at the Election. If the Article is approved by Town Meeting but NOT approved at the Election, the borrowing will not move forward. If the Article loses at Town Meeting and passes at the Election, officials will need to try to get authorization to spend the funds at another Town Meeting.



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Rebecca Brodie for Holliston Board of Health The Holliston Board of Health is responsible for both protecting and promoting the well-being of Holliston residents. However, I believe that a health department can do more. We should strive to not only improve the town's physical health, but also the social, environmental and emotional health of the community. Our town needs to be more inclusive of those with differing abilities, objectives, opinions, and ideas. The Holliston Board of Health has an opportunity to set progressive and innovative health policies. I want to be a part of Holliston's progress and hope to make a substantial impact on the well-being of our community. This is why I am running for the open position on the board of the Holliston Health Department in May's upcoming town election. As a lifelong advocate, I plan to bring my tenacity and creative problem solving to this position. I will also bring my skills as a certified mediator and attorney, and my experience working with numerous Boards of Health throughout Massachusetts. In the past, I have been critical of many decisions made by our health department; but I look forward to working with everyone at the Board of Health to improve life in Holliston for everyone. I believe that this job is too important to be overlooked. While I am currently running unopposed, my name will not be printed on the ballot. That is why I am asking for voters to please write-in "Rebecca Brodie" for Board of Health on the May 22, 2018 town election.

- Rebecca Brodie | 4/8/18 9:44 AM



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