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Police Log for Week of April 1 - 7, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
April 10, 2018

911: What is your emergency?

caller: My phone isn't working and I'm worried that I might have an emergency.

April 1, 2018:

Check prisoner.

2:40 AM, Vehicle stop with summons, 703 Washington; Haigo Mendes Firmo of Framingham for speeding and unlicensed operation (but Officer, .i'mjust ryong to keep to a minimum the amount of time that I'm driving without a license)

Preserve peace, Ruthellen; no details.

Animal incident, Fruit; Cockapoo got loose (women & children to get from street)

April 2:

Road hazard, 1419 Washington; Dr. Bloom reported  large pot hole that caused a flat (do you know that the first victim to report a pothole is not covered by town or state insurance? The subsequent victims are covered).

Animal incident, Corner Market; report of injured goose (luncheon special - goose pate)

Complaint, 1419 Washington; call about large pot hole (congrats - you're covered)

April 3:

Animal incident, Village Plaza; report of injured deer. GOA

Animal incident, 1850 Washington; injured deer reported. GOA

Animal incident, 1850 Washington; injured deer reported. Dispatched

Identity theft, Prentice.

April 4,

Animal incident, Woodland, report of loose dog. HPD returned it home.

Crash, Washington & Cross; two Hollistonians meet in a minor, injury-free way.

Animal incident, Highland; car versus chicken (luncheon special at the Corner Market - chicken fricassee)

April 5:

Vehicle stop with summons, Washington & Linden; Manuel Loja of Milford for failure to display owner's name on truck and operating with a suspended license.

Crash, Washington & Green; Green Street resident impacted by driver from Gaithersburg Maryland.

April 6:

Crash, 370 Hollis; two more Hollistonians have a regretble union.

Crash, Washington & Hollis; Framingham driver smacks into Holliston vehicle. Summons issued to Maria Mayacela-Lema of Framingham for unlicensed operation of unregistered, uninsured vehicle (no comment).

Crash, Washington & Charles; Holliston versus Millis (did someone not see the "No Exit" sign?)

April 7:

Assist citizen, Mission Springs; caller concerned that phone isn't working and that during an emergency she won't be able to call 911 for help. Advised that she just called 911 on her phone that isn't working.

Crash, Washington & Highland; Holliston versus Milford. Minor

Complaint, 370 Washington; Caller stated that a young female yelled profanities at him and his daughter. Believed to be due to his TRUMP bumper sticker.

Crash, 432 Norfolk; two Chelmsford residents took each other out.

Community interaction, window tint check.

During the reporting period, 18 citations and 8 warnings were issued. One erratic driver was reported.


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Comments (1)

You have outdone yourself this week. 1) are you certain the reports for April 3 didn't happen on April 1?

2) The town needs to apologize to Dr. Bloom. ( I don't quite buy that name)

3) Is the Corner Market offering free meals?

4) I went to Holliston Hardware to get a new phone.

- jean morrissey | 4/13/18 7:39 AM



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