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Rebecca Brodie for Holliston Board of Health

by Press Release
April 9, 2018

Rebecca Brodie for Holliston Board of Health The Holliston Board of Health is responsible for both protecting and promoting the well-being of Holliston residents. However, I believe that a health department can do more. We should strive to not only improve the town's physical health, but also the social, environmental and emotional health of the community.

Our town needs to be more inclusive of those with differing abilities, objectives, opinions, and ideas. The Holliston Board of Health has an opportunity to set progressive and innovative health policies. I want to be a part of Holliston's progress and hope to make a substantial impact on the well-being of our community. This is why I am running for the open position on the board of the Holliston Health Department in May's upcoming town election.

As a lifelong advocate, I plan to bring my tenacity and creative problem solving to this position. I will also bring my skills as a certified mediator and attorney, and my experience working with numerous Boards of Health throughout Massachusetts. In the past, I have been critical of many decisions made by our health department; but I look forward to working with everyone at the Board of Health to improve life in Holliston for everyone. I believe that this job is too important to be overlooked. While I am currently running unopposed, my name will not be printed on the ballot.

That is why I am asking for voters to please write-in "Rebecca Brodie" for Board of Health on the May 22, 2018 town election.


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Comments (22)

Jim Morelli with Fox 25. I respectfully asked Ms. Brodie, once again, to consent to an interview via her gmail address... and eased up on the request for a camera to record it. I have offered up a phone or even e-mail Q and A interview because I believe the manner in which answers come matters less than the fact that answers come. That said... having made numerous requests since January... I am not particularly optimistic.

- Jim Morelli | 4/11/18 10:41 PM

I agree with Stan....just too many unanswered questions.

- Barry Fitzgibbons | 4/11/18 10:27 PM

Let me see if I've got this straight. Rebecca Brodie had problems with her neighbors and the town of holliston. blamed them. Then she had problems in CT. blamed the barn owner. Then she had problems with the reporter on this thread who's trying to sort out the stories. blamed him. Then she was connected with a barn fire that killed dozens of animals. Who is she blaming for that? Just doesn't pass the smell test.

- L. Green | 4/11/18 4:48 PM

Odd to say you welcome comments/dialogue and then leave the forum. ??? I hadn't heard of ms. Brodie before this. Terrible first impression.

- K. Mcvie | 4/11/18 4:18 PM

I am not on the Holliston Reporter site much.

If there are any additional questions, Please contact me directly.

- Rebecca Brodie | 4/11/18 1:24 PM


I never violated any law or health standard. In fact, I wrote to the town before I got any animals and asked if there were any restrictions. You can do a public records request from the town clerk if you do not believe me.

What I did do, is not back down when a few officials tried to take the law into their own hands. When they tried to circumvent the process. What I did do is challange why the law was applied diffent to town employees (who resided in Holliston) than mere residents.

If one were to follow the dispute timeline, it started over being upset that I had storage crates on my lawn. When I pointed to the law, they had issues with the animlas, when I pointed to the law, they had issues with "public nuisance" -- which is exactly what the Right to Farm law addresses.

Thanks for your comment


- Rebecca Brodie | 4/11/18 12:32 PM

Anne-Marie Dorning:

Thank you for your comment. Yes, some pretty crappy things were written.

First, there would not be any documentation if the animals were from Connecticut. It is hard to show something that does not exist.

Secondly, the sick animals were bought about 10 days before the Dept of Ag came and I have multiple emails trying to get them vet care before they even arrived in Lisbon, CT. I had not bred them, I was not milking underweight animals. I had rescued them and was trying to get them healthy.

Third, the woman who made all these accusations -- She and her husband have been convicted of some pretty violent and dangerous crimes. (Kathleen Celotti and Daniel Candales). Look them up. Is it possible they lied when police started asking questions? Good thing I kept all emails.

- Rebecca Brodie | 4/11/18 12:23 PM

I thought about this a lot the last couple of days and I am not going to sit at my keyboard and throw insults at Mrs. Brody. I did post a joke on this article a few days ago. There is too much hate in this world so I do not hate Mrs. Brody. Why isn't she on the ballot? My question is why is nobody on the ballot. If this is such an important position than why out of all our residents did no one pull papers. Looks like Mrs. Brody may have made some questionable judgments in the past but we live in a democracy and the voters will decide. At the very lease I think Mrs Brody will make Holliston residents think about how important this position is and have qualified candidates run in the future.

And Mrs. Brody I am sorry for making a joke earlier in the week on this article. Good luck with your campaign.

- Bill | 4/11/18 12:02 PM

Mr. Morelli:

In my post I said I did not know about a warrant but I had been hearing the story since January. That was absolutely true. I did not mention it in my post but yes, YOU were the person I heard it from. I also knew nothing about it. How could I? I have asked you multiple times for a copy. Each time you "couldn't find it" or "didn't have it on you" or misplaced it.

Still, I was concerned enough to hire an attorney in Connecticut. I asked him to look for a warrant based on your statements. His response was that he couldn't find anything but then he added "I don't see how a reporter got a copy of a criminal complaint. In Connecticut criminal matters are not made public until they're [served] by law enforcement". That being said, it sounds as if your source broke the law.

Also, your post now says I have 9 warrants. How did we go from 1 to 9?

I am happy to meet with you as a Holliston resident, not a journalist -- and not on camera.


- Rebecca Brodie | 4/11/18 12:02 PM

Filacio Torres: No a

I said I did not know about a warrant but that I had heard the story since January. That is the truth -- because I heard it from you.

I do not like to publically toss someone "under the bus" but, since you have already told people that we discussed this; Yes, YOU were the person I heard it from on January 22.

When I asked to see it, YOU sent me a message that you would have Connecticut Officials contact me.

When I did not receive anything, I asked you again to see the claims on January 26th and 30th. You responded that you wanted to talk on camera but "didn't have it with you"

I you asked again on February 28th saying that it would really help me if you could give me something -- a case number, which court it was out of. Again, nothing.

I finally asked again just last week on April 3rd. Again you said you would "dig them up" but then came back and said you could not reveal your source.

Now you post that there is not one warrant but nine?

The truth is, it is easy to accuse someone of something. As an attorney, I see this all the time. You likley do as well being a reporter. We (society) has become jaded becasue too often, people who claim innocence the loudest, are often not.

I have no problem meeting with you but as a town resident, not a journalist and not on camera.

Filacio Torres: No apologies needed. I think it is responsible of you to ask. First, let me say that this is the last thing I would ever expect in my own life. I am a chubby, middle-aged mom. My husband and I are both attorneys and have lived in Holliston, with our 3 kids, for 20 years. My mother keeps telling me "there must be a book in all this". Every day I ask myself, how could I go from wanting a few eggs and fresh goat milk to all this??? Believe me, I could not make this up if I tried.

I think this stems from last summer when I rented barn space in Connecticut; first from a Mr. Paul Hanson (who resides in Middleton, NY) and then from a couple in Lisbon, CT, Kathleen Celotti and Daniel Cardales. I should have researched them much more deeply before leaving my animals at their farms. They have made outrageous claims against me. Not only are the claims untrue, they are very hurtful.

Doing my own research on these people in the past month, I have learned they have some pretty crazy histories - We are not dealing with good people here and dishonest claims to law enforcement is the least of their issues.

Thank you for your question.


- Rebecca Brodie | 4/11/18 11:54 AM

Ms. Brodie... Jim Morelli with Fox 25. I appreciate the fact you are taking questions and comments in this open forum. And I would like to take you up on your offer to meet up and talk. I would like to bring a camera and talk about the barn fire... the inspection that preceded it... and the warrants which you claim in your Holliston Reporter post of April 10, 2018 to know nothing about. I find the latter claim interesting, given we have had an on-going social media conversation about the outstanding Connecticut warrants. And yet, in your April 10, 2018 Holliston Reporter post you say "I do not know of any warrant." Arithmetically, I find this statement disappointing. As you well know... because I informed you of such... there are NINE warrants pending against A Rebecca Brodie on Lakeshore Drive in Holliston. Perhaps there is another Rebecca Brodie on Lakeshore Drive in Holliston? If so... my apologies... and let's clear this up. -- Please let me know when we can schedule an interview.

- Jim Morelli | 4/10/18 11:16 PM

Too many unanswered questions..

- Stan Coffin | 4/10/18 10:37 PM

The full report on the conditions of the CT farm Ms Brodie rushed some animals to can be found here:

In addition to the information about the CT warrant this article from the Agricultural Department confirms that none of the necessary permits were puled to transport animals, many of the animals in Ms. Brodie's care were diseased and/or dying. None of the animals had adequate food.

"She subsequently left the property that day and did not return until three days later, when the farm owner reported that she arrived with a bale of moldy hay that could not be used as feed."

This followed multiple complaints about the condition of animals on Ms. Brodie's property.

Following health laws I would think would be one of the first qualifications for a Board of Health position.

- Anne-Marie Dorning | 4/10/18 6:17 PM

After a preliminary search for more information regarding the claims against Ms. Brodie, I am very concerned about her running for this office. I encourage all voters to to spend 10 minutes reading about her history with the Board of Health in Holliston and the Department of Agriculture in Connecticut. For example:

Are there any restrictions that prevent individuals from running for an office which has served him/her multiple violations in the past? This is a clear conflict of interest and I do not believe she would represent the best interests of our town. Further, her past (mis)treatment of agricultural animals in her care indicates a lack of judgement and character. I sincerely hope that Ms. Brodie will reconsider her bid for this position, or that the rest of us consider a viable alternative.

- Missy | 4/10/18 4:32 PM

Rebecca Brodie, if you have done nothing, then who is responsible for the condition these animals were found in? I'm not trying to instigate an argument or accuse anybody of anything, I'm simply asking because if it wasn't you then the correct person needs to be held accountable.

- Katy James | 4/10/18 2:44 PM

Mr. Sawyers and Fellow Residents:

I have done nothing I am ashamed of so I have no reason to go into hiding.

I will answer any questions people may have. I will meet anyone for coffee, look them in the eye, and tell them the truth. (PLUS I'll bring copies of all my receipts, emails, records, reports and text messages.)

I do not know of any warrant but I do know that I first heard someone say this back in January. It is hurtful -- but I try to focus other things. I know the truth and I believe that the truth always shines through eventually -- It is easy to stand up for what is right when one is surrounded by honest, supportive people. It is much harder when we stand alone.

I have lived in Holliston for over 20 years. My husband and I have raised 3 kids in Holliston. I am running for tbis position because I think it is important and should not be ignored.

The good news is that, since I announced my candidacy, so many people are now interested in our town offices!


*unopposed (typo in my last post)

- Rebeccca Brodie | 4/10/18 12:18 PM

Good thing animals can't vote.

- Bill | 4/10/18 11:45 AM

This is a joke, right? I'd try and stay out of the public eye for a while if I were you. Ya know, those pesky warrants from CT can derail a campaign. Whatta world....

- Ken Sawyers | 4/10/18 10:09 AM

Great Question!

I actually decided to run when I learned no one else had come forward to campaign for the job (and this happened after the deadline to get one's name on the ballot).

As such, I am running as a "write in" candidate, albeit unapposed. I actually hope to give out stickers that voters can affix to their ballot.

I think this position is too important to sit empty; too important for someone to just be given the role for 3 years- especially since it would go to someone who wasn't even interested enough in town health to campaign in the first place.

AND FYI to all readers: I am open to all public questions. Ask me anything!


- Rebecca W Brodie | 4/9/18 12:12 PM

She's doing a write in campaign. She's asking folks to write her name in on the form. I believe she only needs 3 people to write her in to qualify. Of course, other people could also do a write-in campaign. I was debating on it after hearing no one ran for the spot to be honest.

- Gina | 4/9/18 9:41 AM

Getting on the ballot is pretty easy. If your not willing to put the work in and only run as a write in candidate because no one pulled papers then your the type of person that is always going to take the easy, lazy route. If you really wanted this position then you would have taken the hour or so to get the signatures.

- Bill Littlefield | 4/9/18 8:53 AM

Why aren't you on the ballot, Rebecca?

- Pat Duffey | 4/9/18 8:15 AM



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